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    Quote from Sacred eagle
    I think it would be a great idea and for that matter considering that95 percent of all nurses are femalethat is the majority of who will go. I have already served my time ofover 6 years and 9 months and thus have completed my full obligation.
    Got lost with the comparison with women. Newest forecasts are that male nursing could be as high as 9% War might not be the best place to pickup someone for a coffee date.


    As for the rest, WWIII is extremely hypothetical. If it did happen... of course the lot of us compassionate and concerned types would go. Plus you'll drain your ERs of trauma junkies, go students!

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    "Shift change was the worst time to announce we're from The Joint Commission..."

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    Two directions to this thread.

    A) Did you start as a pre-nursing major? Do you feel that you missed out on other experiences you wanted to do?

    B) Did you begin college with a different major? How has the change effected your nursing practice?


    I'm an option B here in that I started as a computer science major as it was what my entire family did. I switched to Deaf Studies with a minor in Audiology.

    Simply put, without the changes that I went through as a person and a student, I feel like I would be a different nurse than I am today. The computer skills that I learned from being a computer science major allows me to get the idea of bioinformatics much easier than my peers. Also, without the two semesters spent working with the Deaf community; I would never have know how to respect the unique culture that comes with different levels of hearing loss.

    Anyone change majors and feel that they were bettered by the experiences they have had?

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    Congrats on the admission!

    The first semester is usually the hardest as it serves to separate devoted students to those who might have fell into choosing nursing. In a 4 year program like the one we have, our J1 (junior 1st semester) started with 98 students. The following semester, we only had 80 students return.

    Only words of wisdom are...Keep positive and study hard.

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    Much like Pneumo, I need to improve my understanding of OB. I am still a little wary of working with children as well. Until I get kids of my own, might be hard to understand alllllll of the little intricacies that come with growth and development in a child's illness.

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    the night before a test
    never opened a text book
    don't take notes
    daydream during lecture

    i do not recommend this method. everyone else i go to school with studies like crazy, i'm blessed to not have to do this in order to do well.

    by far the smallest percentage of nursing students that do this method. it seems somewhat unreasonable to believe that this method lets anyone do well.

    you must be too cool for school.

    for anyone who truly wants to succeed, studying should be a normal part of life as a nursing student. you truly never stop learning.