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  • May 1 '12

    It could very possibly be an improvement over my currrent working conditions.

  • May 1 '12

    How do I feel about something very hypothetical?

    The U.S. ended its draft in 1973 - reinstituting it would require action from Congress.

    And how are we defining "the next world war"?

  • Apr 14 '12

    Quote from Wanahakalugi
    I'm in the US and in my second semester of nursing school. Our standard is 3 hours of study time per 1 hour of lecture. With that in mind, we have 6 hours of lecture per week, with an additional 1 hour of lab...theoretically I should be spending what, 21 hours/week studying? I would say it is closer to 15 like yourself. On harder units of study, line Neuro which we are doing now, I will get closer to the 21 hour mark.

    Please know that I am a Husband, father of 3, and work full time. I get around 4 hours a sleep/night and I'm am tired of hearing the single people in the world that have their parents paying for their school complain of how hard life is at that is different for every person, yes, but if you life with your parents, have no job, and go a party on the weekends and complain about failing nursing school because it is "too hard", go somewhere please.... (NOT DIRECTED AT YOU AT ALL!!!
    3hours of study. Time per 1hour of lecture...

    Hmm in total I have 8 so 27/hr week lmaooooooooooooooooo not happening. I have projects/busywork/assignments to complete with that time