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    I love working for UCH. We got our 4th Magnet and bonuses and raises this year. I don't know much about the culture in your specialty but from what I've seen the teamwork is excellent.

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    A friend had a pt with pelvic pain and itching who turned out to have 3, ahem THREE, used condom left up there. The pts' response? Oh, I guess no more drunk sex ...

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    I started off as a hospital CNA (after some experience working in LTC and a previous career) at 14.80 plus 1.90 night differential. I got a 0.60/hr raise a year later. It's good experience and makes a lot of nursing school make more sense.

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    Three out of five terms done with my BSN AcBac. Still 4.0

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    Depends on your school. I'm in a BSN program and I've never seen one of my classmates use a textbook in clinicals. We have a lot of pressure to prep the night before and bring notes with us, of if we don't know something use Micromedex or something that the nurses on the floors would use to look up information. I don't even know where you would put text books in my clinical locations. So, it depends on your school culture.

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    One of my instructors said it as, there's no stupid question... unless it's because you didn't do the reading or prepare for class.
    fair 'nuff.

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    I'd be careful about portraying yourself too much as a risk taker. Nursing schools (at least) have the expectation that you don't cut corners or do anything that would endanger a patient. Talking about working with different populations is good. Many schools are all about serving vulnerable populations, finding students who can examine their biases and be leaders in the field.

    Just something to consider. Good luck.

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    Depends on the type of masters and why you want it. I think direct entry MHNP makes a lot of sense because they practice in a different way than psych nurses. And you get to switch specialities as you grow. Keep your mind open to what's available and maybe you'll be surprised what you love.

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    There's a balance of how smart you are, how organized you are, and how well you can manage your perfectionism. And there's what type of program you're in. I'm working one 12hr noc in an AcBac program and my classmates and instructors think I'm crazy. But I get it all done quite well. The overload also means I don't see friends much or cook much. It contributed to breaking up with the bf.
    It's worth it to me for the experience, networking and reduced reliance on loans, but everyone's different.

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    Indian Health Services has loan forgiveness extras. As does much of the state of Alaska. I just talked to a super cool recruiter from Nome at a job fair.

    And good on you for posting a cautionary tale.

    Best of luck.

    (and personally, I'm a fan of ditching the car and commuting everywhere by bike. If it's less than 15-20 miles one way, it's probably bikable.)

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    Some newish research has suggested that the brains of morbidly obese people react to food similarly to addicts react to their drug of choice (and explicitly diffrently than how 'healthy weight' peoples brains react to food. )

    No one grows up wanting to be a meth addict or morbidly obese. This is a hugely complicated problem and not only does saying its as simple as a matter of will power sound as naive as telling a suicidal patient to cheer up, it's also not productive.

    If you want to advocate for better staffing and equipment--and you should--start tracking staff injuries and expenses due to injury related to caring for patients beyond your capacity. I believe with some counting and organization you can convince your facility that it's cheaper to not understaff and have people get hurt. If you get a work related injury does your workplace have a policy of puttin you on light duty till you recover? What if you started advocating for yourselves and a bunch of you went on light duty because of the very real aches in your bodies? It's cheaper for the facility for you not to get hurt.
    (who's naive now ? )

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    Cumulative is generally what everyone looks at.

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    MHNP programs also vary as to how much talk therapy vs drug therapy based they are. I would imagine the talk therapy part would have some difficulties online.

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    Thanks for this thread.

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    Thanks. I've heard of liquid band aids but haven't tried them. I do everything I can to stay hydrated and take care of my hands to prevent injury but if any of you work on cars or rock climb, some scrapes just come with the territory.

    I'll see how liquid band aids mesh with gloves. I guess there's always superglue too...