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  • Apr 11

    I think, "What type of school do you want to attend?" is an important part of the discussion too. I'm in a ABSN and I saved some before and I work a 12hr shift/wk now but I still have to take out a lot of loans. I will graduate with a lot of debt even from this PUBLIC university. Some friends going to private BSN or ABSN programs will graduate with $100,000 in debt. Your CNA side job isn't exactly going to pay for that (but imagine how many CNA there would be if it did...) It is shocking how expensive school is now compared to my first degree.

    I'm primarily keeping my job for the experience, networking, and context for my nursing courses. The money helps but it wouldn't be worth the time away from studying if it wasn't related. Maybe a third of my cohort started with jobs but they are slowly quitting them. Some faculty are not supportive of needing/choosing to work, but others are.

    Good luck!

  • Mar 29

    As a current CNA and someday nurse, block social media, disallow cell phones.

    Document your specific concerns and get them fired--it's not really likely punishment will lead to better work ethic. There are good people seeking jobs out there. Or if you aren't interested in taking it that far, sit them down and try having a conversation with them. Or look for a different job. Or don't do anything but vent, I guess.

    CNAs should get their breaks. It's a legal necessity regardless of how swamped you are but if it goes beyond that, fight for something better for your patients.

  • Jan 5

    Arguably, most of the diseases these days are caused by "lifestyle." If you start judging people by choices, there's very few places you could work without judgement interfering with care -- Peds Ocology? Being non-judgmental is critical for this career.

  • Sep 16 '16

    One of my profs said they used to do surgery on premie babies without anesthesia because science thought they couldn't feel pain! She used this as an example of that they'll teach us lots of stuff in school but we must keep re-examining ideas and learning.

  • May 18 '16

    Get your CNA and get working with people. I'm doing nursing as a second career and have always been a very academic person--however, CNA training is really different and really useful. Doing healthcare is emotional and getting used to that, while still being able to prioritize, is something I'm glad I did as a CNA. Also, healthcare is a very imperfect system and we never have as much time/resources/physical stamina/help etc. getting used to that sooner rather than later is good. There were people in my CNA class who were plenty smart and super caring but weren't good CNAs because they couldn't say no, end conversations, or deal effectively with time constraints. Those same factors affect nurses too and are different skills than getting straight As.

    As for school--go to office hours, flash cards, think big picture and all the prices will come together easier. SLEEP! And good luck!!