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Joined Apr 12, '12 - from 'NC'. whatdidigetmyselfin2 is a LPN. She has '4 years as a CNA and newer nurse' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Long-term/Geriatrics'. Posts: 48 (35% Liked) Likes: 33

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  • Jun 5

    Congrats! I just started preparing for my 2nd exam. The best advice I can give you is invest in the practice exams, study guides and be prepared to do ALOT of reading/note taking.

  • Sep 18 '15

    It is possible. In nursing school, I worked full-time, went to school full-time, managed a home, and was a single mother to a 4 year old. School was Mon-Wed 8am-3pm some days and Thurs was 12 hour clinicals. I worked Sat and Sun from 11am-11pm every week. It sucked! But if nursing is really what want to do, you will make a way to make it work. I was at the top of my class and made A's in every class just because I'm very competitive and wanted to be a good role model for my child. I was determined to succeed and EXCEL because, like you, people had told me it was impossible and tried to crush my dreams.

    How I did it:
    1. I wrote down all my assignments and deadlines and completed the assignments way before the deadline. You never know what will come up in life and you don't want to be stressing at the last minute.
    2. I also tried to review the material throughout the week and would bring my notes to study during breaks or downtime during work.
    3. I did most assignments during school hours or in the classroom so if I had questions I had a room full of classmates and my instructor to help me.
    4. I also kept a checklist of what information I needed to find so my care plans were done quickly and efficiently. I also typed all my care plans and medication lists so I could access important information easily.
    5. Also, find some time for you and your family. Go out to dinner, get a haircut, or get that elusive 8 hours of sleep.