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  • Oct 12 '12

    My action was called a "heroic measure" but I don't understand how it could be. This new unit manager even made a point to tell me that she had called HR to look at my file. I was appalled that she was trying to use my file as leverage against me and as a tool to intimidate. I personally don't think she has a right to look up anybody's history. Had something serious been in there I would've been reported to the state. I've left her a note challenging the write up and have received no response. Maybe my next step should be a visit with the DON.

  • Oct 12 '12

    I am gob smacked.

    DNR doesn't mean NO care or let's do our best to kill them quickest. I am also confused why any order was even needed to suction. It would be a serious breach of practice NOT to suction a pt whose airway is compromised.

    I am a huge advocate for a pt right to die, however to not suction a pt is pretty close to actively smothering a pt.

    I am not familiar with hospice orders but honestly I am a bit horrified

  • Apr 9 '12

    I don't hold any type of schedule really-need based. I am married- but my wife already works a different shift than me. So to spend time with her, I just have to wait on a weekend. I agree on doing the 3 shifts together, that's what I would do.

    Just tips that helped me.

    -Tin Foil for widows, help "Black-Out" your room for that "night" feeling.
    -I actually "Lost" weight after I went to nights, varies person-to-person, I only wanted 1 meal a day (more on weekends).
    -Dim lights about 1 hour before you get ready for bed (you will be sooooo sleepy after end of shift at work, but when you get home after drive home this time of the year, your eyes pop "WIDE OPEN." That helps me alot to start dimming, and creating a serene mood.
    -I have to turn off home phone, and if they have an EMERGENCY, they can call my cell.
    -If you have indigestion, It will be worse now.
    -I started Pepcid OTC for that
    -I used "Herbal" med for circadian rhythm help at first, but it did make me sleepy at work first few days.
    -Naps just make me feel worse, if I have been up, and I only have time for a 3 hour or less nap, I don't sleep. I will feel terrible and "foggy" all night long.

    Good Luck,
    Once I became Nocturnal, I wouldn't trade it for days for anything. Less traffic, Less people at grocery store, love the AM (its so quiet, and refreshing), less stress, and less Administrative Tension during your shift!

  • Apr 9 '12

    I love working nights. In my current career, a night shift is the norm, and early on I despised it. Now, I like working while the city sleeps. It's more peaceful. Granted, I'm not a RN yet and will finish a BSN program in less than a month, but I interview Tuesday for a job, and it'll be on nights (12 hour shifts). I think I would completely loathe working in a hospital during the day. I want less people there. I want more silence. I want sleeping patients. I want less activity.