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    hi ruskenz
    i am also a filipino RN i need your help badly......please tell me how was the process when you apply for the eligibility in the state of hawaii, do they need SSN?i posted a new thread regarding on how toapply, but then i saw your post. I am realy having a difficulty cause i dont have any idea at all.tnx

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    hi there! im glad i found this site, i am planning to take my NCLEX for the state of hawaii. I visisted the website of BON but all that i saw was a 6 pages form having the 6th one for the applicant to be filled up with the non refundable "applicationfor lisence by exam" fee of $40. I cant understand, what about the credential evaluation?will it follow after the application has been submitted?
    please help me i really want to start my application, i am already considering to pay for an agency that will help me in processing but i found this site i hope you guys could help. thanks