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    President Obama please! The whole republican/tea party reality scares me..

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    I found that an Ipod touch was an ENORMOUS help through nursing school- better than a phone because it had no camera, texting, etc and was allowed on hospital floors where phones were a big no-no. (Yes it could connect to the internet if there was wi-fi, but just keep off facebook!). I had Davis drug guide, taber's medical dictionary and it was an amazing time saver- all the drug/disease info right at my finger tips for pages and pages of clinical paperwork. I made the mistake of buying a 32g pod, didn't need near that much memory! A nice 8G will hold music, books, and tons of other cool apps to help you get through..I am gushing and qould reccommend this purchase to any nursing student! Best of Luck!!

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    As a new nurse, one regret I have is that I never had the direct patient care experience that a CNA job provides. I had a great well paying server job at a high end restaraunt, money and shift flexability was too good to leave. I find myself struggling with confidence with "simple" things, like safely transferring residents, I often ask CNA advice on how they move certain people. Just the comfort level of coming into someone's room and helping with ADLs- I learned it in school and during CNA certification, but I don't have that easy confidence that experience brings. I am learning I wish I was only new to the "RN" role and already had the CNA stuff down pat- cause believe me, Nurses do perform CNA duties regularly!! Good luck in your endeavors!
    PS- I just graduated and am working as a RN with a 2 year degree- I am slated to finish my bachelor's starting next summer, and in the meantime, picked up a Psych minor to finish some general requirements and have that extra knowledge, (in case I continue to a Master's?) and just to make myself a more desirable job candidate- not really necessary, but hey, doesn't rack up too much more in loans and it is so darn interesting!!

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    I completed my ADN program, and although a local BSN program does require more pre-reqs, I am able to bypass most of them at the university since I took classes for my AA in liberal arts while on the waiting list for the nursing program..actually I am finishing my last two classes now. I will be able to get into the RN-BSN program with only 10 nursing classes to complete online- saving a few thousand dollars by taking most pre-reqs at the community college where I got my ADN (many of my ADN classes fufill required "core" areas) There are so many different paths in Nursing- I see that the trend is torward BSN prepared RN's, but the ADN program got me started on building my nursing experience a two years earlier! Plus that RN paycheck is better for paying university tuition!! Best of luck to you and all other students (like myself!)

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    Keep your head up!! Keep trying, send out new and improved resumes to the next job postings and just keep on truckin'! I hope the best for you, I'm sure this will be a bump in the road- how long do they keep old resumes once they discover they didn't pass the muster anyway? Its not like a manager keeps one on hand to make fun of you!?! I'm sure a few errors won't have you blackballed from these facilitys for life..My resume is also a dynamic work in progress, as well as my "base" cover letter which I adapt to each job posting..I just keep applying ande am hoping for the best good luck!!

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    And he is "the chairman of the House Children and Families Committee"?! People's opinions are just becoming Medieval!!