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  • Dec 28 '13

    Quote from Ruby Vee
    I don't think that comment about prayer had any place outside the Spirituality forum. Whether or not the poster was making a jab at atheists or agnostics, it SEEMED to many as if he was. Therefore it was inappropriate.
    I guess if it got responses like that, it was not warranted. I don't know the poster's intentions, but he/she made have been unaware of how people would respond. I think it was a personal response for that individual.

  • Dec 28 '13

    Quote from Hadassah16
    Don't go into nursing school I you don't know how to prayer. Believe me, you will learn how to pray and cry out to God in the process of nursing school.
    I think people are jumping on this comment way too much. I do not think the poster was making a jab at atheists/agnostics or saying they are not competent nurses. Calm down people!

  • Nov 26 '13

    Start with Vital Signs. Know what they are, how to measure them and what the normals are. VS include pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respirations and pulse oximetry. In the big purple Fundamentals book, I believe it is Ch 17. That will be a part of your frontloading along with memorizing and doing several additional skills.

  • Oct 31 '13

    Lol well I just printed out the grades for each quiz to show that I got a 100%. I printed out 2 copies of each quiz. But I actually did the one that's good through sept 2014 since feb is right around the corner.

  • Oct 25 '13

    People often give (and take) advice to 'follow their dreams', or that 'education is always worth it'. If we all followed our dreams, I'd be working as a surfing instructor/ scuba instructor/ and skiing instructor. Education is valuable, but paper certificates from one university over another often don't translate into more earning potential. The reality of life is you have to eat and have shelter over your head and you need to find a job where you'll be happy so you can provide yourself with those things.

    A career is a business decision. You're deciding how much time and money to invest in preparing yourself for a job--hopefully a job that you'll pursue for a decade or more, anyway. So, you have to add up the expense of the degree, your lost income while completing the degree and residency program, and compare that to your expected earning potential when you finish.

    Med school costs (approx) $40K to $50K per year for 4 years and the average debt a graduating medical student carries is $150K. In your situation, you will probably need to take some rigorous science classes. That will take a year or two, and cost $15,000 for tuition. Do you have student loans to repay, already? If so, you may be $200,000 in debt by the time you graduate from medical school. Your residency follows which isn't highly paid. The salary escalates each year, but for about 4 years you will make an average of $50K per year--no overtime pay, no bonus for backshift or weekend. If you work 80 hours a week (not at all unheard of) you'll be making about $12.00/hour. Of course, your pay will increase once you're an independently practicing physician. Estimates vary, but you should make somewhere around $130,000 per year in family medicine. So, let's add this up:

    Two years tuition for pre-reqs: -$15,000
    Medical school tuition: -$200,000
    4 years of residency @ $50,000/ year $200,000

    Then consider becoming an RN and eventually an NP. If you do an accelerated 2nd degree program, it will take about a year to 18 months and cost $30,000. So, you'll be working as a nurse within two years from now. Nurses make somewhere between $40K and $50K per year, plus overtime. So if you work an extra 10 hours per week, you can boost your salary by $20,000/ year. After you have a couple years experience, you go to NP school and complete it in 3 or 4 years, while still working. Your employer may pick up all most of the tuition. When you finish, you'll be making somewhere between $80,000 and $120,000/ year.

    Two years BSN tuition: -$30,000
    Salary (5 years @ $50,000/ year) $250,000
    NP tuition (but could be reimbursed by your employer) : -$50,000
    NP Salary (3 years @ $90,000/year) $270,000

    My very rough estimate, and rounding and approximating salaries/ tuitions, etc, bring you to two different figures in the year 2022 (when you would finish your residency after med school). Going the med school route, you would be in debt by $15K to $50K. If you go the BSN to NP route, you'd be ahead by about $600,000. Obviously, you still need money to live during your med school years, and during your BSN years, but my comparison only takes into account tuition and salary.

    So, for about the same job description and duties, as an NP you'll be more than a half million dollars ahead in ten years from now.

  • Oct 16 '13

    Quote from ShelbyaStar
    Not yet, but considering becoming one. Maybe I'm crazy. I'm 26 and getting married in June and NS will hopefully start spring 2015. I just don't know if I want to wait til I'm 30+ to start a family. Has anyone had a kid during NS? Is it always a huge setback (as in needing to drop/repeat a term)? IDK, I know it would be really hard but it would be pretty hard as a working nurse too
    WAIT! Don't rush things. Get school done first. I got my BSN while single and childless and it was STILL tough. Sure it can be done, but it would be extremely difficult. I regret not getting my MSN right away. Now I am pursuing that with a 7 year old and 3 year old while working 0.7. Again, much easier childless. Now my family and I will have to make a lot of sacrifices that could have been avoided had I not put it off. In the end, it will mean a better life for my family and me. I have had a REALLY bad week as a floor RN which reaffirms my need to further my education. The thought of doing this for another 34 years sounds miserable. I love most aspects of my job, but the completely unwarranted verbal abuse I have dealt with from patients and their families recently is really wearing me down.

  • Oct 16 '13

    I think it depends on the school in the area that you live. I went for my associates first due to finances, but found out that my school is one of the best in the area and the major hospitals hire new grads from my school because we are more prepared than the local 4 year college students. But don't get me wrong, I plan on getting my BSN through a 1 year bridge program, but now my employer will pay for it I would still recommend getting your BSN if you can manage financially, but make sure you pick a school with a good reputation.

  • Oct 16 '13

    My response would be this: "You are no doubt aware of the Code of Conduct penalties for sexual harassment? If you're not, I suggest you get REALLY familiar with them very quickly. I would hate to have to move this any further up the disciplinary ladder than our little meeting right now. Kapisch?"

  • Oct 16 '13

    Quote from Cllaws889
    Nurses are usually rude wherever you are, just know your place and keep quiet and it will all be fine. Nurses eat their children and don't think twice about it so always keep that in mind.
    At the risk of making somebody say, "See? See? She's a meany too!" I have to take issue with this throwaway bit of hackney.

    Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time, often to the detriment of our other professional responsibilities, trying to help students. We think a great deal about how to do that most effectively and care very much that they understand, so that perhaps they will be better off than we were when we were young and stupid, or at least clueless, or at least inexperienced. Or all of the above.

    You will hear this bit of nonsense wherever you go. There are two answers to keep in mind if you do.

    1) "Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    2) No one will want to chew on you if you are tough. Have a good sense of self and you won't have to worry.

    As to the rest of the OP's question: We have all been there, done that. The reason you are in school is to learn the skills and talents it takes to be a nurse. Of course you don't have them yet But you will. Time will take care of the opportunities to learn everything you need to know, sooner or later, in school or after you finish it and go to work. Venting is good, but don't be down on yourself because you aren't achieving at a higher level when you're just beginning. You're just ... new.

  • Oct 16 '13

    I dated a guy like this twice. Both of them were exactly how you describe your current "fiancÚ"--unsupportive, wanted me all to themselves to the point where they didn't like me to leave the house, and I no longer had any "me" time, much less time at all. I hadn't been with them as long, but I was close to getting engaged to one of them. I realized I didn't want to live the rest of my life with a partner whose only goal was to drag me down.

    Cue my current fiancÚ, soon-to-be husband (less than 3 weeks!): when we met, he told me outright that if I wanted to make the military my career, he was in it for the long haul. He'd move with me, weather the challenges of Army life and do whatever he could to support the needs of my commitment to the country. While I eventually decided against a career in the service, his commitment to me has been and still is unwavering. I cannot imagine being with someone who doesn't give me that kind of support and respect--that's the outward expression of genuine love, after all.

    My advice? Cut this loser loose unless you want to spend the rest of your life feeling hampered and hemmed in by a man who's probably going nowhere. He wants you to go there with him. It's your choice--there are better men out there. I promise!

  • Oct 16 '13

    ^^ THIS.

    And whatever you do and wherever you do it, spend a lot of time conferring with faculty. Drop in every week just to check in and make sure things are going the way you hope they are. Don't wait until you get blindsided by a warning. (And hey, it's a warning, not a death sentence. That's why we have warnings. And they are often your first ... warning.)

    GrnTea MN, RN-BC and a buncha other stuff

  • Nov 2 '12

    Guys go check panther web! Just got accepted to Belle Glade thank God

  • Oct 31 '12

    Aww thanks Bre & Luvs we shJould all be fine. this site is so supportive

  • Oct 22 '12

    Quote from Bremac88

    Your only two days behind mkearns! Next week is your week!
    Really sweet! I hope we all get in.

  • Oct 19 '12

    yay just looked and mine officially posted. 26.63 points!