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  • Jun 10

    I have a friend whose a vet tech. She thought about Nursing school and followed her dreams to work with animals. She said it's the best decision she ever made and also said the fulfillment she gets from the job is worth the pay cut.

  • Mar 13

    You're right, I would rather be medically treated by a brilliant doctor with all the answers and no bedside manner than a doctor who has given up trying to find better treatment and is just there to love his patients.

    My nurse however I would want to walk me through every step of my recovery/ treatment with compassion. Treating me, knowing how lonely and scary being in a hospital can be, I've been in that position and it has made the difference.

    Nursing and being a doctor are two totally different careers. Doctors are about medicine, Nurses are about delivering a care plan to make their patients comfortable and their lives easier, it takes the compassion and empathy that you dismiss.

    Maybe those steroids are making you rage? May want to ease off.

  • Nov 5 '16

    Hey littlemango - Hoping I can help you out a bit here. I was a candidate for the Spring 2014 application cycle, and while I was wait-listed, it's my understanding all decisions are made and acted upon uniformly.

    The applications for Spring 2014 were originally due September 4, and without explanation, that deadline was pushed back to September 15. Decisions started going out November 1st -If you applied online you'll notice a box that says "Application Status" and most people saw that change before they got their phone calls.

    While this is purely speculation I'm guessing the admissions board starts at the top and bottom of the list, those who are definitely accepted or rejected and work there way to the middle, which is where the wait-listers come from. UMSON takes 80 or so students to the Baltimore campus and 40 or so to the Shady Grove campus. (It doesn't matter which campus you apply to, the administration assures that the # of applicants is a weighted ratio - more people apply to Baltimore.)

    So, from November 1st to November 7th just about all of us on the board had heard our decisions. However, there was a small percentage of people who found out they were accepted and rejected into late November. Furthermore, there were people on the wait-list that were offered positions into December.

    As a wait-listed applicant, I didn't receive a phone call, but rather saw my status change to "wait-listed" on November 6th and got a letter in the mail November 18th confirming that status.

    One student, that I was acquaintances with at my CC, got her acceptance phone call November 4th and her letter one week from that date.

    It's my understanding that various circumstances, such as military enlistment, can prompt an earlier decision. But every semester I see people juggling acceptances from other schools waiting to hear back from UMSON.

    Great luck to you in your application!