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  • Oct 7 '12

    Congratulations on your acceptance. I just finished 150 semester. Over the summer I took the Physical Assessment class. It's not required but will transfer towards your BSN. I think it helped to keep my brain engaged in nursing over the summer. Just something for you to think about for next summer.

  • Aug 6 '12

    you're thinking a lot more than two years ahead. to be a travel nurse you need to have enough solid experience to be able to walk onto a new hospital in a new city and hit the ground running on a busy unit with no more orientation than, "this is the clean utility room, here's the linen, let me show you how to use the computer, here's the schedule book, the cafeteria is on the second floor."

    no new grad will be able to do that. heck, it'll take you a minimum of a full-time year to be minimally competent. most travel companies will require at least that, and most two or three or more, depending on specialty.

    as for licensure, if you have your legal residence in a compact state, a state that has banded together with other states to recognize each others' rn licensure (there are 24, i think-- you can google it) then you can take your rn license granted by that state to any other compact state and not have to apply for another license.

    if you do not have your legal residence in a compact state when you get your initial licensure, or if you go from a compact state to a non-compact state, you will have to get licensure for the state where you're going. all of this is assuming you have passed nclex and have an rn license to start with. :d

    every state uses the nclex as the rn exam. however, some states will not give you a license if your program isn't acceptable to them (usually an accreditation issue), even if your home state accepts that program and you passed nclex and are licensed there. worth checking.

  • Jul 12 '12

    When you graduate nursing school in 2 years and feel like relocating, look me up. Where ever I am I am sure I will need someone and I like training people plus I am usually a manager or director at my location. I prefer homegrown new OR nurses anyway, less bad habits and less attitude to adjust typically.

  • Apr 8 '12

    Quote from raqi89
    Thank you all for your replies! You all make very good points. I'm going to ask for my$95 application fee for chamverlain to be refunded since I am still within the 10 day refund date. This acceptance couldn't have come are a better time. I have worked my butt off to try to get in! It is a true blessing! And I'm excited to officially call myself a nursing student!
    Congrats on the acceptance raqi89. Get some rest now, once nursing school starts you won't have time.

  • Apr 6 '12

    Ok...So my application was checked. I was accepted into the program. Way to go. I will start in summer after I finish my classes at my current college.

  • Apr 4 '12

    Hi, I just recently got accepted to chamberlain for the summer semester. I sent everything off Feb. 27th and took the test Mar. 16th and got accepted Mar. 29 so everything went pretty fast for me. To be honest I didn't study one bit (i'm currently at enrolled at another school so I was busy with midterms) I scored an 85%. It wasn't hard but I know if I would have studied I would have scored well in the 90's because it was simple stuff that I just could not remember. So my point is you should be fine but if you study you will do great. I didn't get the study guide so i'm not sure how it matches up with the test but if oyu are not familiar with a&p you may want to review that, the grammar was things like too, to two and affect and effect etc...for math know simple conversions like oz and pints, fractions etc. Hope this helps. I'm sure you will finish the test and say that was easier than i thought

  • Apr 3 '12
  • Apr 3 '12

    My only problem was English. I wish you best of luck. Let know if you have more question. I will let you know when I put in my application and the result.