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  • Oct 24 '15

    Quote from Lev <3
    I would be careful about the move to full time. Why are there 7 full time open positions? Did a bunch of people just up and leave? I say take the job as PRN and scout out the unit yourself for 2-3 months and then make the move to full time if you like what you see.
    I think these are some things to consider. Perhaps they've added beds. Perhaps they have new management. Who knows why there are 7 positions available.

    You are aware that you will need the ICU experience to pursue CRNA further but if it's an ICU nobody wants to work at are you okay with putting up with it for a year or two?

    Chances are 7 openings won't be taken up in the next couple of months if you do want to wait around and see for a few weeks how the place runs first.

    If you're 100% on moving then it wouldn't hurt to let her know that you've thought about it and think you'd like to make the move full time if she's okay with that. If she is pursuing the transfer then they are obviously interested.

    Good luck!

  • Oct 24 '15

    I would be careful about the move to full time. Why are there 7 full time open positions? Did a bunch of people just up and leave? I say take the job as PRN and scout out the unit yourself for 2-3 months and then make the move to full time if you like what you see.

  • Oct 24 '15

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

    It sounds like things went well and you have the experience BUT don't count on it 100% until you have the offer. You never know who may come out of the woodwork, know the right people, have BETTER experience, etc. and swoop in and take the position.

    If you get the offer then next time you go in you might mention that you're considering a full time switch over to ICU. If they already have a FT position posted you might ask about it if you're willing to jump on in. I'm not sure I'd presume I got the position and call and say "Hey I know you haven't even offered me the PRN opening but I'll be joining on full time!"

  • Oct 24 '15

    You do realize you get exposed to MRSA in the general public, right? As far as c-diff, wash your hands. No hand sanitizer

  • Jan 8 '14

    My kids are aware of the ONLY three conditions under which it is ok to wake up mom:
    1) The house is on fire - visible flames approaching the bedroom
    2) Someone has bled enough to fill the 4-cup measuring cup.
    3) Helio Castroneves (the race car driver) is at the door.

  • Jun 13 '13


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  • Jun 12 '13

    Quote from Vishwamitr
    Dear Carmello1
    Remember that all nursing test questions (LPN/LVN/RN) are based upon the premise, "What would a prudent nurse do?" Ask yourself, "Will this be a safe practice?" "What should be my best course of action?" and things like that and you will gravitate toward the correct answer. Sometimes, 2 answers may be correct but read the disclaimer in the question, "Select the best answer". Don't read into the question and don't assume anything that has not been specifically mentioned. Remember the good old adage, WYSWYG.
    I'm sorry...maybe I'm slow but what is "WYSWYG" lol?

  • Jan 10 '13

    Get off the Pedestal with the whole BSN vs ADN thing. A fact this is overlooked is that ADN does the same job as BSN and passes the NCLEX. Everyone then cried ADN is uneducated blah blah. WHY dont we look at the 4 year universities instead? Why doesnt the BSN itself advance? Because taking an extra gym glass doesnt deserve it. Look at all the worthless pre reqs that you BSN's are taking over the ADN. It isnt making you a better nurse its all about the money the school systems are a business. We need to change the education system. SWAP out that spanish you are going to forget the second after the test and take some critical thinking. Be gone with that Open elective to take baking class and replace it with PSYCH. The problem is the ADN is a efficient degree with time/pre-reqs and the BSN is created to give the "big man" money. Sorry if you wasted 100k in debt.

    why are hospitals going magnet? because the universities are lobbiest to the hospitals. Universites need there money and they dont like ADNs getting the jobs BSNs are getting for a fraction of the cost. Universities have paid, persuaded, and convinced hospitals to go magnet and it is not because 4 year nurses are better.

    IF universities ever decide to stop the worthless pre reqs and uni requirements then maybe one day a BSN nurse would have a true advantage.

  • Jan 5 '13

    On the bright side........................... at least you spell HIPAA right!

  • Jan 5 '13

    Maybe consider becoming a nursing attorney given you have a leal background.

  • Jan 5 '13

    LOL. I love this one. Do you have any rules in your household when you are online?

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  • Jan 5 '13

    I am needing help with a problem at work.

    I had a patient that was in the hosspital for 20+ days. The MD usually comes at night (which he did) We were expecting a discharge. After he came in he had wrote "D/C Home."
    I went to the room to D/C patient and the patient stated "I am not going home tonight, the doctor said in the morning." (Approximately 2135 hrs) I immediately called the MD who stated VIA telephone order "Cancel D/C till AM." This order was written. (He apologized- He also admitted to this conversation.)

    My supervisor (Charge Nurse) came in and asked the patient and she stated "I am going home tomorrow."

    The next morning my supervisor demanded me to come in for an "urgent matter." I drove 50 miles (Without sleep)

    She kept stating that "this is a business" and there was "no need to call the doctor."

    Do you guys know any Standards of Care or National Care that I could bring up in the meeting this afternoon. I live in Louisiana. Thank You in advance!

  • Jan 5 '13

    I am very confused by the details, but reading between the lines it sounds like the OP is being called on the carpet for delaying the discharge until the next day.

    To the OP, my opinion here is of limited value, but I think you did the right thing by calling the physician and I'm sorry that you are getting the blame for the mix up.

  • Jan 3 '13

    Being PRN really doesn't leave you much of an opportunity to develop any routines or establish continuity of care for your assignments. Unless I'm mistaken, your assignment probably varies each time you work, so that may be the difficulty.

    Routines, continuity and familiarity help to make the employee's job easier in LTC. So you might just be being harder on yourself than you really need to be. Good luck.

  • Jan 2 '13

    I really like the idea of a collered tunic for male nurses, as I never liked the look of men wearing plunging v-neck scrub tops. But I'm at a loss as to why you'd want to wear a bow tie..... unless you want to be like a nurse version of Patch Adams from that Robin Williams movie.