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  • Nov 12 '16

    My favorite was a note made by the psychiatrist after a patient had intentionally kicked me in the stomach. "Patient is well aware of right from wrong. In my opinion needs a therapeutic trip to jail."

  • Jun 24 '16

    Many years ago I was working nights and received a transfer from a medical floor. The man was in a very psychotic episode. He called me by my first name (I go by my middle name), knew how many children I had and where I went to grade school. I live in a small community about an hour from where I work. Occasionally I have a patient from there who knows me through my parents or husband, even though I don't know them. I assumed this was the case with this man.

    I came back a few days later and he had completely recovered. His psychosis had been related to a medical issue. When he saw me he immediately gave me a hug and said: "I didn't think you were real!" He told me he remembered that night and believed he had died, was in heaven and that I was an angel. He had no connection whatsoever to me and had no idea how he knew those things about me. Still gives me chills!