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    If there is no written policy there needs to be. Then all staff knows what to do in this situation! Good luck.

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    I have been an RN for 41 years and if a nurse tells you they have never made a mistake, they are lying to you! Learn from this, have a good cry and move on! Thank God he was OK. I had an experienced RN once leave an infiltrated IV running overnight in a baby's arm. When I came on shift I heard a baby crying in pain. I know that cry and I mentioned it to the nurse. She said, "he has been crying all night and he is a brat." He was 5 months old. I ran in there after report and took one look at that big arm, ripped the tape off, and the crying stopped. See, you made a mistake, and that is expected. You were not, what I call, "willfully ignorant." There is a huge difference and you are going to be OK.

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    If I were the patient and you woke me up to bathe me, I would be speaking with administration ASAP. How ridiculous! If people are awake, fine, bathe them if they would like. Does your facility not understand the healing power of sleep? Sad to hear!

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    If I said anything I would say "good luck with that!" And smile of course. Remember it is her hate and she is eaten up by that. Look at all her medical problems. She truly is a sad woman. Sadly I here something like this statement frequently. Sad.

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    Good luck with your new career. I must remember, your feelings are your feelings, whatever they may be.

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    Get over yourself! I graduated from law school but never, ever forgot that I was an RN first! Excitement is OK, feelings that your job functions are now beneath you, no. Interesting post though. Good luck to you. My Mom always taught me be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you may need them when you fall back down. Good advice. Thank your co-workers and managers for helping you on your way up!

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    Stay there and enjoy your time there. Nothing in this life is guaranteed so relax and enjoy the ride. In the 70's there was also a slow down in hiring nurses. I had a job offer in Boston but also had one in New Mexico. The New Mexico job offered me a job in Pediatrics so I took it. I drove from Boston area to Albuquerque with my Tv in the back seat of my car, found a little apartment and went to work. But wait, the job was not in Pediatrics as I had been told, it was in Med-Surg. OMG, I hated it! But I hung in there and after putting time in Med Surg, RR, and ICU I finally ended up working in Peds. I loved it right from the start as I knew I would. I eventually left Albuquerque and for family reasons had to move to Florida. I had no job, one 2 year old and no car, etc. Needless to say, I needed a job! Walked into my dream job in Gainesville, Florida. Because I had worked in all those areas I was hired to immediately (during the interview) to be the Charge nurse on Peds on 3-11 shift. The hospital had a day care open until midnight so my 2 year old was in the day care with certified teachers on the first floor and I was 4 floors above him working. Oh life is interesting. When I look back now, it was all part of some kind of plan. Had to be because I would have never chosen all those jobs and even hated some of t hem but I kept on keeping on and it so paid off. Today I am a nurse and an attorney and I own my own business. Every step of my life has been interesting and if you had told me 41 years ago that these things would have occurred I would have laughed. Relax, as I said, and enjoy the ride!

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    Is that really the Head nurse?

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    Best wishes for a successful test. Keep the faith!

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    Nursing for 20 years then went to law school.

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    That nursing is the best and the worst profession. Good luck. For me, it was the greatest. I am older now and went from nursing to law school. I will tell you working in a facility before graduation is a great idea. Not only will they know you, but you will know them. I would also recommend getting your BSN as your first degree. Many facilities will not hire a two year grad. I started out as a BSN thanks to my school nurse who told me BSN is the wave of the future. It took forty years for it to be "the future" but the future is now. Greatest wishes for a great career.

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    If you can think critically, have basic nursing knowledge, and set priorities, you will be fine. One question has nothing to do with another so don't go there! Deep breathing and self talk of positive things will help. If you have answered many practice questions well, that is a good sign. Most people pass it! Good luck. My boards in 1971, were three days long and every course was a different exam. Our was knowledge based. Now it is critical thinking and setting priorities most of the time. A few legal questions may be thrown in so know the difference between negligent and intentional behavior such as battery. Any other questions let me know, I used to teach classes to prepare GN's for their boards. I will be praying for you.
    I visualize you doing great. Take you time! One question at a time!

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    All of you younger nurses please tell me how often new grad RN's are hired to do Home Care.It worries me but I have been a nurse 41 years and worry about you younger nurses. Thank you.

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    That is not true. If you are ill, you may choose to tell them but you don't have to do so. If you come in, and want to speak to health nurse or management you should do so. As a responsible person, if you know you have or have had an infectious disease you may talk to them. Seek more information under the HIPAA law.

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    Don't argue with patients, you will never win. Report the incident to the Charge nurse or Nursing Supervisor so they can become aware of the problem. Are others having this problem? Document, document, document. Just the facts. Incident report may also be necessary.