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    Im scheduled to work tue/wed nights then friday day shift. this is not my choice. have anyone ever done this? My instinct says fight this, but its a new job and I dont want to cause trouble. ( sorry for the grammar.typing on my hubbies tablet and not used to it)

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    how does the ed mess things up? just curious. we do bedside report at the ed i work in. (please excuse grammar)

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    I know nurses are supposed to be full of customer service and compassion in all, but when we are busy running around with emergenices sometimes we may come off a little short.

    Tell your grandma not to take it personally. I wonder if people post about waitresses, police men, and teachers being rude. It seems as though nurses are suppose to be perfect.

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    Many factors are involved.
    -Poor retention of new grads due to bullying, or culture shock
    -Not enough good quality preceptors
    -Ofcourse money
    -More new grads than jobs out there.

    I'm just so bless that I haven't been in a situation where I've been an unemployed nurse. I don't know what it is but I never had an issue with finding a job.

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    As matter of fact. When I was in nursing school, I would take a blank piece of paper and practice signing my name LPN and RN. It was my motivation.

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    Congrats! It feels so good doesn't it. I still get a tingling feeling when signing my name. Proud RN!!!

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    Quote from N1colina
    Really? Cool! Good luck! I was hoping someone would be in the same boat as me! I do my job shadowing day tomorrow and will make the decision then whether I want to take the job or not. The other thing is- not sure if I mentioned it or not- is the position is nights, so I'd get the shift differential also, which is an added bonus I will keep you posted as well
    I'll be on nights as well, which will be super busy. My main weakness is IV starts and drawing blood. That gives me so much anxiety.

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    I have very high anxiety myself. I used to take ativan regularly but I stopped because it made me kind of forgetful. Everyone is different thought.
    I hope I don't break down in the ED. I'm soooo nervous.

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    Congrats! Not sure what a joint camp is but congrats anyway!

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    Not another ADN versus BSN thread. Somebody Shoot me.
    It is simple. I getting my BSN because I need a job. I don't want anyone to have the excuse to not hire me and/or fire me because I don't have it. I got my schedule today and it seemed like a bunch of fluff, but I'm not complaining.

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    Quote from VICEDRN
    Anytime I hear " this is place is crazy" and the person looks unsure of themselves rather than smiling/happy. Any time someone tries to do a head to toe on an urgent care patient and finally, whenever someone complains its "too stressful" to make all these decisions for patient or that the md is providing too much autonomy or not enough direction. Seriously? Go back to med/surg, lol. No one is here to babysit you.

    Also I recall an ob nurse who "felt sorry" for a crack addict and wanted to let her sleep it off and then contact the rejected boyfriend when she awoke so he could try and get her back on the wagon. She was all involved and I thought "she won't make it. She can't let go of these larger social work issues to work er."
    This is me totally. I'm in deep trouble, I see. I will try to hard not to play social work.

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    I could have written this post! However, I know my heart belongs to OB. I used to do ICU and I'm starting the ED this week. I know this is not what I want but I figure I'd try it for the experience and to put my foot in the door.
    Lets encourage eachother. I start orientation on the floor next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Quote from tyvin
    A simple phone call would have (maybe) averted all that. As RNs we need to multitask and that means consider everything at once and act accordingly. Once I received the emergency call I would have radioed and told whoever to tell the family member that an emergency happened and you would be with them as soon as possible.

    Your attitude is extremely unprofessional. Hopefully if you become an RN you will have a better outlook. You're going to be working with a lot more then just a grumpy man and you need to be ready.
    I used to me a LPN in ALF, the OP did everything correct. Time is crucial. I don't have time to radio to tell the family member xyz, my nurse brain would have went straight to the emergency. If I saw the family member on the way to the room I would tell them give me a some time as I'm running. I hope that any RN will NEVER prioritize a family complaint over a fall.
    OP your documentation should be enough to CYB.

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    Way to go Brian and AN. I hope this promotes change! Good luck everyone !!!!

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    I would choose job number 2. Alot of ED and ICU units want medsurg experience.