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  • Apr 25

    Eek!!! I'm in too! My letter was in the mailbox today!! AC-AGNP first and only choice! Whew!! Can't wait to get to know my fellow peeps soon!!

  • Apr 25

    It's official! I got my letter today! I'm on my way to being a NP! *ugly cry* *tears of joy*

  • Apr 25

    Hi! I was able to create my BlazerNet ID and password using this link:
    BlazerID Central
    Select : I am a current student, or I am a student who has been accepted to UAB.
    Then Proceed and put in you Banner number (B#) or SSN. and DOB.

    I'm so excited! But I still want my acceptance letter LOL. I can't wait to meet y'all at orientation!

  • Apr 25

    I was able to log in and it shows my concentration as PMHNP!!!! I am soooooooo freaking ecstatic. You have no idea. I seriously thought I was not getting in this year

  • Apr 24

    Wake up everyone!!! So I just realized a Banner # and a blazer ID are 2 different things. So I used my B# and PIN to log in at this link
    User Login
    I am able to see all the holds on my account, my concentration, ALL THAT and more! Omg this should be IT! *praise hand emoji* OMGGG!

  • Apr 23

    Quote from CRNBSN18
    The dashboard has changed to "congratulations! Your application is under review"
    Mine did too

  • Apr 23

    The dashboard has changed to "congratulations! Your application is under review"

  • Apr 19

    Mine said "This page not enabled for current user role(s)."

  • Apr 17

    Called today and they said letters will go out 1st week of May

  • Apr 16

    I applied for the FNP program. GPA 3.7, solid references and essay. I was able to create a blazernet ID yesterday but nothing else so far. The suspense is killing me. I obsessively check this thread, blazernet, my mailbox and the application dashboard multiple times a day.