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    It sounds to me like getting into periop is very much facility-based. Thanks for the responses everyone

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    Thanks for the input you guys! I really appreciate it. I'm still on the fence about whether or not periop is for me but I am definitely keeping my options open. However I still have some questions about it:
    After getting your RN, how do you become a circulating nurse and how long does the process take? I've heard about Periop 101 and whatnot but I am still a little confused about it. Do you have to sign up through a facility that offers it to take the course? Is Periop 101 the only thing you need to qualify as a circ?

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    Hi all!

    As the title suggests, I am a second-semester student in a BSN program interested in maybe becoming a circulating nurse in the OR after graduation next year. I started seriously considering the possibility more after shadowing a circ nurse during one of my clinical rotations. I've also volunteered at the same facility when I was doing my prerequisites and so I've come to know the environment and the people there a little more. However, I'm not exactly sure how to go about being one... and so I have a few -cough- questions for you guys:

    1. As a junior nursing student, is there anything I can do the summer in-between my junior and senior year to get an edge in terms of getting experience? I don't think the hospital I am doing my clinicals in takes externs but does anyone have any recommendations about this? Maybe perhaps getting a certificate in something (not sure what, the AORN website is confusing), volunteering, etc.

    2. Many nurses, including my instructors, discourage precepting in a specialty. They all recommend precepting in Med/Surg or ICU to get a general background/experience. I'm afraid that if I do this, it might take me longer to get a foot in the door for the specialty that I want. I don't mind getting some floor experience... but I know for sure that I would not want to be a Med/Surg nurse forever. I've read posts in here about people getting jobs in the OR as a new grad RN. I just hate to think that I'd suffer through 2 years of Med/Surg when I could have gotten into the OR right after passing the boards.

    3. For you circulating nurses out there, how would you rate your job satisfaction? Are the surgeons/techs you work with generally pleasant? I've been warned several times about how much being a circulating nurse can feel like playing gofer... but to me it seemed like there is so much more to it than that.

    4. How hard was it to find a job and how long did it take for you to find one after becoming an RN/doing circ training? I'm also curious about working hours. I live in Northern California and I'm not exactly sure how the job market is like for OR nurses here. I'm also considering being an RNFA if its feasible.

    Thank you!

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    Oh wow, I just checked Those prices are alooooot better than the ones Barnes and Noble offers through the university .

    And you're right. Buying sounds like a much better idea. I just got so used to renting books when I was doing my prereqs since I never bothered to sell any of the books I actually bought!

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    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!!!!!

    I just looked at the books needed for NURS 301 and 303 and the books needed for the first semester are

    Medical-Surgical Nursing by Lemone 5th edition
    Fundamentals of Nursing Package
    Maternity+Women's Healthcare by Lowdermilk 10th edition

    Think these are worth purchasing? Or should I just rent? I'd also be happy to purchase used books for a discount

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    To the SSU grads out there:

    Do you guys recommend buying or just renting the textbooks?

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    Wow! Congrats!! And good luck with the NCLEX!

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    Quote from RunBabyRun
    Probably the sheer volume of reading and the vast knowledge that we are expected to have as nurses. I remember posting on FB the first or second week and tagging all of my nurse friends saying how much respect I have for them!

    A lot of people are intimidated by clinicals. It's a matter of how you operate. That was my comfort zone, because I have prior experience in patient care.
    Again, thanks for the quick response What do you think those of us starting the program should brush up on or study before nursing school?

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    Okay! I can't wait to start. @RunBabyRun, what was the most stressful or surprising thing that you encountered during the first semester?

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    @RunBabyRun - do you think renting is better than buying the textbooks?

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    Wow! Congrats RunBabyRun!!

    I remember them talking about two online GE courses that will be available spring next year during orientation so I will probably try and get one of the requirements done at that time and then maybe another course over the summer next year.
    Also I signed up for the second class listed for N 301 and N 303 haha!

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    Also are you taking any GE courses the first semester?

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    I have! I noticed they had different professors for the N 301 labs. Does that mean we get separated into 2 groups?

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    Did you sign up for classes yet?

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    Got in!!!!

    EDIT: I will probably go to Sonoma State instead though so good luck to everyone going to Sac !