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    Quote from seedvila
    @Samantha 1751, Congratulations on getting in! Would you mind sharing what your GPA and HESI scores were? I'm planning on applying next year and would like a general idea of what I need to be competitive. Thanks!
    I'll message you. Good luck!

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    I found out this past weekend - I got in! So exited for August!!!

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    Quote from SLBlack
    Hey Samantha1751, I was kind of interested in applying to the TMCC program the next time around. Do you know if you have to have NURS 130 completed before applying or can you be currently enrolled in the class to be able to apply?

    I'm not sure how they're doing it for Spring but when I applied for Fall I was still in Biol 224. I just put "in progress" for that class on the application. If you call the nursing department they'll be able to let you know for sure.

    Good luck!

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    .....I don't think so.....

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    Just applied for TMCC's Nursing program! Anyone else out there who has applied/is applying soon?

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    Hello all!

    I'm taking the HESI A2 Entrance Exam on Friday and wondered if anyone has any tips for me. I've studied the Evolve Guide backwards and forwards as well as taken online tests and studied Quizlet flashcards. Is it really as hard as I'm making it in my head? If not tips, words of encouragement are welcome

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    I take mine on Friday but I haven't finished my second A&P class yet so I'm a little nervous about that.