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  • May 25 '12

    Hi everyone.

    I am curious to know what everyone's first day of nursing school was like and how it went that day. From the time you woke up until the time you went to bed that evening, describe your first day. I often hear how anxious students are on their first day of nursing school and thought this might help those (myself included) prepare and transition better into nursing school. It may give someone an idea of what to expect on that first day. First day of class is usually a memorable one.

    I'm really looking forward to nursing school. I will begin my nursing classes this coming Fall and I'm very excited about it. Even though I won't start nursing school for another 5-6 months, I will bookmark this and answer my own questions regarding my first day when the time comes.

    Anyone can answer this whether you're a nurse now, current nursing student, pre-nursing student (just alter your answers to fit your situation). I'd like to here from many of you. Please elaborate and be honest with your answers. You may be as wordy and descriptive as you like. No, you do not have to be "too personal" in your answers. This is the internet after all. But, I'm not looking for just "yes" or "no" answers. Most of all, be honest with yourself.

    What I want to know is:

    01) How did you sleep the night before?
    02) What did you have for breakfast?
    03) How were you feeling that morning?
    04) What was the weather like that day?
    05) What did you wear the first day? Did you dress up with hair and makeup done?
    06) Did you do any pre-class reading from your nursing textbooks? The night before, week(s) before, or month(s) before nursing school?
    07) What did you bring with you to class? (books, supplies, iPad, laptop, backpack etc.)
    08) Did you arrive early or late to class?
    09) Were you able to find your classroom on your own or did you ask for help?
    10) How long was your first day? Couple of hours? All day long?
    11) Did you know anyone personally in your class? (friends, relatives)
    12) Were you younger/older/same age, as your classmates?
    13) If you're male, were you the only guy in class? How did you feel being surrounded by females?
    14) What were your first impressions of your instructors? Did you like them? Did they like you?
    15) What nursing material did you learn in school the first day?
    16) Was the nursing material difficult or overwhelming? Did you feel lost? Confused?
    17) Did you enjoy learning what was given the first day?
    18) What did you have for lunch? Did you eat alone, with classmates, or someone else?
    19) Did you make friends with any of your classmates? Exchange phone numbers and/or email?
    20) On your way home from school, did you stop and treat yourself to a snack/dessert/beverage for surviving your first day of nursing school?
    21) Did you have homework from the first day of nursing school? How long did it take you to complete it that night? Did you finish it all that night?
    22) What did you have for dinner?
    23) Did you have any free-time tonight to watch TV, be on the computer, hobbies, etc.?
    24) What time did you go to bed? Were you able to fall asleep quickly?
    25) Are you looking forward to you next class day or dreading it?
    26) Overall, how did you feel about your first day of nursing school?
    27) At any time today, did you feel you made a mistake in attending nursing school?
    28) Please rate your anxiety level from this day, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 highest, 1 lowest)

  • May 22 '12

    get prepared for dosage calculations. Get a basic book and start memorizing your conversions and doing basic problems.

    This website is great too, they will even email you a problem every day. - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations

  • May 22 '12

    I just graduated May 5, 2012 from Nursing School. I could NOT wait for NS to arrive any faster the second I found out I was accepted to the program. I was so eager and excited to learn and practice what I was taught! Although you may not think it, time will fly by!

    In regards to A/P...the professors are going to expect you to have a BASIC understanding once you first start NS. The further you get into your nursing courses, the professors are going to expect you to know and understand more. Your instructors should be giving you a syllabus that includes a schedule of what you'll be learning each week. This is where you need to take advantage and keep a couple steps ahead by reviewing that basic A/P. The books we used for Med-Surg and High Acuity were the same and I absolutely LOVED them! "Brunner & Suddarth's Medical-Surgical Nursing" by Lippincott. It included discs as well as an awesome website (thePoint). The website includes the book itself, NCLEX-style questions, and videos/pictures (which really helped me).

    Keep a calendar and plan out when you can study. This helped me because I worked throughout NS. The calendar was convenient not only for me to see what each month looked like, but my live-in boyfriend appreciated it as well. I also enjoyed the satisfaction of putting a line through each day I completed..."one more day down, one day closer to graduating!"

    Personally, I NS. Yes, there were days from hell, but those days made my completion worth it in the end. You have a large group of support here on AllNurses, so take advantage of it!!!

    Best of luck to you my dear!!!

  • May 22 '12

    Raised my GPA to 3.36! (would that mean 3.4?) I messed up one semester so thats why it raised so little!