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    YAY! what a great feeling, eh?

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    Love these kind of threads!

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    My Brick & Mortar required an 83 or above for every class in the program. Get a final grade below that and you were out.

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    I enjoy the posts that have a patient that the Nurse is looking for input on from the other nurses on this board. I am always amazed and fascinated at the clinical knowlege that the many different posters have and how there are so many aspects to patient care. I think that is why the psuedo articles that disguise themselves as clinical facts frustrate me so much. I love nursing and respect the knowlege of my peers and do not like to see this disrespect to the intelligence of nurses.

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    Actually in NY they can practice without being board certified.

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    I agree. After some soul searching on my part, I realize that I object to the appearance of it being presented as a scholarly article which it clearly is not. It would be a better fit if it was titled as an entertainment piece and a disclaimer was posted clearly at the top of the article that it was not intended to be medical advice, although it does present itself as such in my opinion.

    Still baffled that a new poster can't send PM's or other stuff yet can come right on the board and post an article which is prominently featured on the front page of AN. Whatever, I'm done with this thread.

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    "Effect on the developing brain – The main concerns about the use of stimulants is their effect on the developing brain of the child. Constant use can lead to consequences that can be irreparable after the brain stops developing because stimulants can alter their perceptions.

    Heart-related problems – Some people may find taking stimulants to fix their ADHD and ADD be the cause of heart problems. If you react badly to any stimulants, stop taking them immediately and contact your doctor.

    Psychiatric Problems – There can be several psychiatric problems that are connected to the use of stimulants which is another reason people are unwilling to take them.

    Potential for Abuse – As mentioned before, people can develop an addiction to stimulants and also have their minds changed in a negative way."

    What IS this??? This is NOT factual. I do not feel the onus is on ME to rebuff this misinformation. Allnurses apparently has no professional judgement and will let brand new posters post their VERY FIRST post in the form of a "thought provoking" article. This is a joke.

    ADHD is complex and there are many approaches to treatment including behavioral interventions. To publish this article and to not assume any responsibility for the content shows a lack of professional judgement. Yes, we are expected to be professionals here on Allnurses and respect one another, but in my opinion, this shows NO respect to nurses whatsoever, or to those of us with family memebrs with ADHD, or to those of us with education and experience in treating ADHD.

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    The title may be asking a question, but the body of the article makes many "claims", many of which I find to be incorrect and show a definite lack of research and supporting literature to said statements. As a PMHNP I find this "article" disturbing and not educational at all. Go post this on the psychiatry forum at SDN and see what kind of responses are forthcoming from the psychiatrists.

    How can a person 'decide' when they are not given the correct information.

    "Medications can lower the energy amount in children, calming and relaxing them to the point where they simply do not have enough energy to be impulsive."
    This statement shows a complete lack of understanding in the actual mechanisim of most medications used to treat ADHD.

    I'm a pretty positive, live and let live type of person/poster but these psuedo educational articles are ridiculous.

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    You should be paid for being in a "teaching/assisting" position, it only benefits her as it stands now. YOU are losing valuable time with your son and studies. As far as being a Leader to other student mentors, I imagine there is additional time that is going down the drain that you do not reap any benfits from either. And then the time spent in putting together a panel. What the heck is this? You are going to spending even MORE time doing this as well, again with no clear benefit.

    I was offered a few things like this in nursing school and declined them all, I am a mom and was an older non traditional student. You really have to do a cost/benefit analysis of this situation, as I see it, all the perks are hers and NONE are yours. Resumes are made more attractive by actual hands on experience and unless you are all fired up and determined to be an instructor, I'd say forget it. She is using flattery to persuade you and it is an unfair tactic considering she is your instructor. I would say she does not have your best interests at heart.

    This experience is not really going to help you find a day job in a clinic, and will in all likleyhood impact your studies in a negative manner. There are community health certifications available online as well as other opportunities to make you more attractive to employers in the areas you desire. Search those out and forget about the flattery, you will end up feeling like a matyr and resenting every minute.

    Sorry if this seems like a rant but it drives me nuts to see instructors using students like this, I've seen it at the ASN, BSN, and MSN level. Nursing school is challenging and you should use every free moment away from studying to love up your little one.
    Off my soapbox.

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    Great article, Thanks Juan. He is an inspiration.

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    My preceptor is in his early 70's and is sharp and very capable. He is safer than the late 40 something psychiatrist on the team, he is up to date on EBP and Meds and is always sharing something new with me. He is the backbone of our very busy and acute unit and has never been impatient or unprofessional.
    I personally feel ability is very individual.

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    So sorry for your loss MMJ.

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    The ANCC has released the 4th edition of their PMHNP exam review book. It now has a few additional chapters covering research and policy, ethics etc. I HIGHLY recomend you get this book if you don't already have it. I used it plus fitzgerald. I eventually just focused in on the ANCC book, If you know this book, you will pass. I did not use boardvitals, I used the online practice tests available from the ANCC via the ana link on their website. The questions are very much like the exam.