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    Hey Congrats! I'm done too! I read all the posts in this thread and can I say we are in a much better place now! I passed my boards and am starting in September. Great Job and Good Luck!

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    The people who would know what to do would be your contacts at the school. Get a specific order in which to submit paperwork and then do it. Every school is different, follow your schools recommendations.

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    Just another comment on tablet vs laptop. My laptop fried in my last semester and I went with a samsung tablet. I was able to make it work, but I still had issues with using certain programs like blackboard collaborate and needed to go back to an old laptop for that. I also found it less "paper" friendly, I had various issues here and there. There are many different programs that need the power and flexibility of a laptop, and you really need a workhorse for grad school.........I do love my little tablet for everything else though!

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    Sounds like you have things well in hand!

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    I would be looking for a new position or start looking at a transfer if you want to stay in the state system. Unfortunately, it sounds like the way my state runs things as well, you are not respected at all.

    It is a slippery slope with these kinds of places, and I think that at some point you will have had enough. The question is how much more time do you want to waste on these jokers before you leave.

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    Matt That is AWESOME!!!!!!! Congratulations, it is such a relief to be done isn't it? I didn't have any pictures, I guess I lucked out lol. Take a long breath, you deserve a break!

    Woks, thanks for the offer, but I intend to keep my ANCC book for reference, I think it has a lot of very useful info for me to refer to in my practice. It isn't like Firzgerald or Mometrix, I won't be looking at those again. The ANCC book is worth purchasing to keep.

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    All the previous posters have great advice.

    I just finished my grad program and have been in school for the past 6 years. I have 4 children who are just finishing high school and some are in college. No matter what age your kids are you are going to miss out on many things. Babies need you, but man, teenagers need you as much if not more, so it doesn't really matter what age they are, it matters if YOU can handle it.

    Your children will benefit from a mom with a higher salary, better quality of life (depending on your job of course) and a lot of time during school age to go to all those functions. Quality, not quantity is what matters with kids.

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    So I studied for a month straight, I did not work. I probably did about 4-6 hours solid each day, taking a lot of breaks. I've always studied hard like this for exams, so just study how you normally study, what works for you.

    I did the online Fitzgerald with the audio lectures. Her book is well organized, the audio is not so great, she goes off on useless tangents and anecdotes constantly. I was also unable to access the practice test unless I completed all the extra material on geriatric, cardiac, legal/ethical. I was pretty mad about that because I ignored that content until near the end because it was marked optional. It's not. You have to do ALL of it to get the practice exam. I wouldn't bother with her.

    I used mometrix book, secrets to the PMHNP exam from Amazon, it was fairly helpful for legal ethical stuff and just presented things in a different manner. I don't think it is a necessary addition though, plus there is no index to look specific things up.

    I basically memorized the ANCC book, and I happened to find out that there was a new edition right when I beagan cramming. Make sure you have the new 4th edition, as there is new content on the leadership/ethics/ management aspect. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is an exam taking strategies in the beginning which you HAVE to read and remember when taking the test.

    Know your leadership and practice content. Everything else is just a LOT of critical thinking, I felt like I really had to go back through everything I learned to get to the answer. I also recommend not spending too much time on a question, mark it and keep going. They give you four hours and used 3 hours and 50 minutes with going back over about 30 questions I marked. I am usuaay fast test taker so that was stressful.

    Long story short. Focus on the ANCC book only, it has what you need as long as you had a good program. Buy the online practice test from the link on the ANCC website, they are just like the exam questions, understand your weak areas and study them.

    Study well, stay focused in the exam and you will be fine.

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    I also would pay close attention to the test taking strategies they outline in the beginning of the book. Know what the question is REALLY asking. Do not do an intervention when they are looking for an assessment, that type of thing.

    Fitzgerald review said that the hardest questions are in the beginning and they were right. Around question 35 I started to feel like I was finally seeing info I had learned before.

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    I took the online ANCC tests early on and did pretty poorly, but I wanted to see where I was weak. Those online tests are the closest to the exam. The ones in the ANCC book are much easier than the exam. Are you using the 3rd or 4th edition of the ANCC Manual?

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    Nia, I would definitely recommend working as an RN before and during grad school, the experience is invaluable. That's my opinion, but that being said, I know there are many that go strgiht through without working as a nurse. You do what is right for you.

    Matt, Good Luck on the exam, I studied the ANCC book and it gave me most of what I needed. It's a tough exam but if you studied you will have the tools to think through the questions. It's definitely a lot of critical thinking.

    Let me know how it goes!

    What type of work are you doing?

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    Xeno, I am working inpatient acute unit, doing consult liason and carrying a caseload. My collaborating psychiatrist is awesome and loves to teach. For my salary I was lowballed by HR (typical for them) and fought long and hard with the backing of my director and psychiatrist to get a 30k increase. I'm very happy with that.

    I worked per diem on this unit as an RN so it is familiar ground, and I do love acute psych. I am also very pleased with having a psychiatrist with decades of experience who is just amazing

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    I never worked as a med-surg RN with peds other than my kids, but I have worked with them in psych. It is a very challenging area with kids and just as much creative thinking goes on in treating them. Psych is a great field with much more collaboration than what I see in other specialties, but that is just my bit of experience. As a PMHNP that specializes in peds, you could write your own ticket, have a great quality of life and never be bored.

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    Yes I am finally done. It was a long haul and I can finally say:

    I am Barnstormin' PMHNP-BC

    I have a great job waiting for me that I negotiated an awesome salary for

    I have no intention of ever going for a DNP/Phd

    Best. Day. EVER.