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  • Aug 29 '16

    AVOID Maxim is my advice!! Do a search for Maxim under the home health and private duty'll find some revealing reviews. Although it is "possible" to have a good experience with Maxim, the odds are low simply because of how they structure their company. In all the offices they primarily hire very young men (early 20's), fresh out of college, with degrees related to sales/marketing/business. These young guys handle all the scheduling, communication with nurses and families (private duty cases), etc. It is a joke! How can a 22 yr old with a business degree understand nurses, nursing, the high tech medical aspects of the private duty cases, and what it is like for a family to have a disabled child?? They can't! I could tell so many stories! Any conversation with them was frustrating because they would not "get" it. Sometimes I felt like I was communicating with a kid who didn't know anything about health care. Oh wait, that was exactly it! (haha) They were also highly unorganized and could not keep anything straight. Schedule mess-ups galore.

    The male director of this location (who also did not have a health care degree) was a piece of work. He was really gifted at BS. He could talk in circles to placate you, but without ever resolving the issue.

    Yea, pay is terrible. I approached the director about a slight pay raise (I was hoping for a meager 50 cent an hour increase) and I was given a rather annoying circular speech. Among other things, he implied that nurses did not make good money until the 1980's when the first nursing shortages hit, and then pay went up. And he said now nurses are demanding and expect too much. Seriously. Grrrr...

    Maxim is a "good ole boys" club. It does not make sense to have all men without health care degrees supervising and running a female dominated profession!!