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  • Dec 29 '16

    As a nursing student, we were doing our clinical rotation in a nursing home. We were told to do AM care for our patients and help them get up and dressed for the day. I was assigned to an elderly man who was talkative and pleasant. I gave him a bed bath and the entire time, he kept saying, "Oh, that feels nice. Yes. That feels good. Mmm Hmm. You're doing a great job." I thought nothing of it, finished up with him and then was standing near the nurses station with a classmate talking about our mornings. I said "I just finished giving my patient a bed bath and brought him to the day room..." The nurse working there said, "Who do you have?? I thought you had Kevin in 104B??" I told her that I did have him...her response? "You just got played, honey. That old bastard walks himself to the shower every morning."