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  • Oct 25 '17

    I was perusing nursing at 18 after working 3 years with people with disabilities. I ended up getting pregnant the summer before starting nursing school. I decided focusing on raising my child (soon to be children as we married and ended up having a total of 5 kids, although I waited tables at night to make ends meet) was most important to me due to a difficult and lonely childhood. I went back to school when I was 37 (my yougest just started kindergarten) and finished when I was 41. I have been a nurse almost 3 years and it has been the best decision I have ever made. "I had my cake and ate it too." I was able to be primary care taker of my babies, waited until they were in school to go back to school myself, and now have a career that I love and am so proud to be in. I am so much more mature and a better nurse after my life experience. It is never too late (my sister was pushing 50 when she became a nurse) to pursue your dream. I wholeheartedly cheer you on and encourage you to fulfill your dreams. You will never regret this. I promise!