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  1. I graduated with my BSN in August 2014 and I have been working on a busy progressive care/ICU step-down unit since September...
    Apr 9
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  2. Thanks for sharing CinDRnyc. Congrats on doing better this year on the exam! I was wondering if the versions were the...
    May 20 '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  3. Hi everyone: I took all parts of the HESI (Biology, A&P, Chemistry, Math, Grammar, Reading Comp., and Vocab.) and I...
    May 12 '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  4. Thanks for your response. My sciences were okay. I got a 92 in chemistry, an 82 in biology, and an 80 in A&P. I felt like...
    Apr 23 '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  5. I took the HESI A2 (all sections) and I scored a 90% overall. My lowest score was an 80% and my highest score was a 98%...
    Apr 22 '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  6. Hi everyone: I have my bachelor's degree in economics and I am currently completing my last semester of prereqs for...
    Feb 21 '12
    Forum: New Mexico Nursing

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