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  • Mar 20

    I'm ready for the day that someone gets their chest re-opened at the bedside and we do direct cardiac massage.

    I think the best one was the patient who was doped up on PCP or some crazy stimulant and was able to pick up a total care bed and actually throw it.

  • Nov 14 '15

    We do not have a solid policy. It really comes down to nursing discresion (unless the docs insist)

    In our unit, we are able to give small neo pushes during moments of severe hypotension (MAPS <50) as rescue drug. I have most definitely gotten patients OOB to chair POD 1 on smaller doses of vasoactive drugs. And if they require a slight increase in dosage while in the chair? So be it. We rather maintain respiratory function, mobility, and skin integrity. However, if you have a patient that is extremely labile and you simply do not think they could tolerate the move OOB to chair, then notify the doc and wait until they are more stable.