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  • Feb 13 '16

    The fact that you care about your mistakes is a good quality! I think you have to sit back and analyze your mistakes. Are they actually endangering the lives of your patients, to the point that management has spoken to you sternly? Or are they small mistakes, like forgetting to sign MARS (yes, yes, still important, but not quite the same as giving someone a quadruple dose of medication, sending the wrong patient to the OR, etc... things I have seen!). If they are small mistakes, everyone makes them. It sounds like you have been a nurse for a bit now, I'm sure you've seen others make a few. Did your hospital just switch to electronic medical records? It's always a bit sketchy with computer changes at first. It's really about the stress level, and what you feel you can handle. With experience, which it sounds like you have, there are always other possibilities if you are unhappy.