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  • Mar 18 '13

    Quote from HippyDippyLPN
    What we need to as a nursing community, and I mean the whole bit from CNA to NP is stop pecking at each other, band together, and start getting a union together to give us all better work environments. At this point in my career, I don't care if I working next to fellow PN or a damn MD I just want more staffing so we don't have a 1:28 ratio anymore and that's in a bloody good day. There are *******s in every food chain.
    Yes!!! I have thought that for a long time. We should all just be 1 union, united to represent all nurses. Imagine how much power we'd have!!!

    Oh, wait, too many egos in the way.....


  • Mar 17 '13

    Woo I was just promoted to assistant head nurse at my office
    I feel so happy and grateful for being recognized for my work!

    I hope good thing are happening with each of you out there!

  • Oct 7 '12

    When I was hired my hospital required titers to prove immunization for a number of vaccinations; mumps, rubella, etc. They offer the flu vaccine in several different forms but don't require it. Even if they did require it, it's just another condition of work which is probably less dangerous than my exposure to HepC, HIV, hemolytic strep, MRSA, lice, scabies, etc in my patient population. Sure, we use precautions but nothing short of a moon suit is foolproof.

  • Sep 24 '12

    When I first started my career I worked with 2 LPN's. One I would put up against any RN and most doctors as far as her knowledge. She was a very hard working, wonderful team player and could not do enough for her patients. She was very comfortable being an LPN and had no desires to becoming an RN. The other LPN, was also a good nurse, but the 3 letters LPN grated on her nerves so bad that she was almost fired a time or 2. I told her about how when putting assignments on the board it was nothing personal but it had to be listed as RN and LPN per the joint comm. After 2 yrs of hearing her complain about everyone looking down at her I sat her down one day and had what I called a coming to Jesus talk with her. The bottom line was her coworkers didn't have a problem with her being an LPN, she did. She hated it. I finally convinced her to go back to school and get her RN. She was so proud, as was I and we still follow each other today. If you are happy with your life and work, the letters by your name are not to useful. Just be the best nurse you can be and everything else will take care of itself. I wish you the very best and having RN beside your name does not make you the best nurse. It is the compassion, the heart, the time you give your patients to vent, the concern you have for them and their families. Nurses are so disrespected and underpaid, but they always do their best to make their patients comfortable and better no matter what the politics are of the facility that they are employed. I wish our government could take a page out of the nurses handbook. We don't care if you are black, white, democrates or republicans you are all the same to us. Someone who wants to get better and get back to living their lives the best they can.

  • Aug 18 '12

    I am sorry, but all I can say is that out of my graduating class of December 2011, only three people are working at a hospital. This is out of 50 students. My best friend in our class, who graduated with a 3.8 and speaks/reads three languages is working as a 'Home Health' Nurse... She has up to 3 appointments a day, drives 40+ miles to get to her job sites (no gas reimbursement), if the patient is home, she will make $40 or so for the assessment, if the person is not home, she gets a whopping $20. And the most she can hope to do as far as procedures goes, is to do a blood pressure. And what makes it even more interesting is that SHE IS LUCKY TO HAVE A JOB IN NURSING, being that >70% of our class is unemployed.

    I hate to sound preachy, but, be thankful for what you have. It is easier to get through the day if you think about what you have instead of what you don't have.