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  • Jun 12

    You save time when you finally get all you residents special likes memorized. Like Mr. Jones hates taking pills but if you offer it with OJ he is a lot more willing to take them or Mrs. Williams likes her meds right after breakfast otherwise she tends to get a grumpy stomach before she eats and then won't eat anything at all. After awhile you just get it down. I have a couple do not do's that some people may tell you saves time. Don't sort out meds in a med cup ahead of time, even if you initial the cup with the residents name it always is a catalyst to a mistake. Always check the MAR even if you have had the same resident with the same meds for 5 years. Unless your on duty 24/7 you never know when a med may change. And if someone's advice seems wonky follow your gut because chances are its not a good idea.

    I always stayed on track with flow sheets I made at work and leave at work to not violate any privacy laws. Eventually I was able to complete morning meds for 30ish patients in the time frame given.

  • May 15

    Do LTC! I stay at home and work PRN on mg husbands off days only. I have to pick up at least one shift a month but most of the time I want more than that. I actually wish they would call me more lol I love being PRN, you never get tied up in the drama. I am in and out like a thief in the night, give good care, go home!

  • Mar 29

    oh and you know what? You didnt try to hide it, you had a resident check him over and were owning up to what you did even if it meant resulting in a write up because you cared more about the patient then about yourself in the situation. Thats a pretty damn good quality in a nurse if you ask me.

  • Feb 3

    Not patients but I do know a Thor Basil lol and he loved his name. My sister ( who is very intelligent book wise not street wise) actually wanted to name my nephew Fabio. Thank god we persuaded her towards something else.

  • Dec 1 '16

    After 3 years as an STNA and 2 years as an LPN in LTC I had to walk away. I love the elderly but the massive work load, no breaks, and constant pressure was too much. I took an almost $5 pay cut and went to a family practice. Best choice I have ever made. I love nursing again! Sure there are still hectic, chaotic times but the difference is you are working part of a team instead of what feels like a solo mission in LTC. Paid holidays off, work every fourth saturday, and have good benefits. There are other things you can do as an LPN besides LTC, look into different options like corrections, occupational health, school nursing. GL!