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  • Oct 5 '17

    It depends on your learning style. I personally can't remember anything that I type compared to writing it down. Plus, if your not disciplined, you might be spending more time on Facebook rather then on the lecture. If you need computer resources, your school offers computers, printing, and access to the internet. My school offers free printing, so I go and print all my power-points rather then buy my own printer.

  • Mar 20 '17

    I wanted to share an experience with those interested.

    I was working in clinicals passing out dinner trays, when a CNA pulled me to the side and asked me if I was going to school. I replied "Yes, I'm in the RN program". She looked and said "You need to be smart to go to RN school". I was bothered by what she had said. I could read on her face showing that she isn't smart enough for NS. So here's my opinion:

    Smart in literal terms means that your are intelligently gifted...right? I don't believe that is right, people have made that word for those who have acheived something that they did not.

    "Your smart, that's why you made it, I'm dumb".

    There are no Dummies. There are no Smarties. There are those who were determined enough to become what they wanted to become. You and others are labeling people as smart, because they are getting things done for themselves. They're becoming Doctors, RN's, CRNA's, and NP's. Those are the smart ones? Just because your a CNA doesn't mean your dumb. If you want to become an RN what is stopping you?

    Many argue that they can't study "smart" enough. If you can pick up a book and read, you can do it. You just need to find your "click". In time after trying many things you will learn what is your gifted way of learning. Some read, some watch, some draw,and some speak. Only trial and error will reveal to your gifts.

    I want to change the definition of "smart". Are you Smart enough to be a Nurse? I'm going to write a couple of phrases replacing smart.

    -Are you Passionate enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Patient enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Persistent enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Driven enough to become a Nurse?
    -Are you Disciplined enough to become a Nurse?

    Many people have obstacles to become a Nurse. Finance, families, jobs, and many others. These obstacles tend to succeed in stopping us in our tracks. This is called "life". It's another topic for a forum.

    If your reading this, I hope this inspires, strengthens, and renews your energy to continue pursuing your goals whatever stage in your career you are in. You don't need to be smart enough. You are Smart.