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  • Nov 21 '12

    Quote from tacomaster
    I'm noticing that you are still making excuses for your actions by blaming the nurses and others, etc. I noticed that you pointed out that you had children. I suppose that gives you a free pass to bring your cell phone? I'm just curious what you meant by that. I'm always curious because everyone clings to their cell phones these days. What did we do before them? I'm sure if something traumatic would have happened, someone would have been able to get a hold of you or it could have waited.

    I am a nursing student about to graduate in May as well. I am annoyed by some of my classmates who are incredibly immature and do not take their clinicals seriously. I feel, although this may be incorrect, that you were doing the same thing. Clinical time is to be spent learning, not to be taking photos so you can post them later to Facebook or show off to your friends and brag how super awesome you are. Yippy! OMG! Fo REELZ!!! You saw a gallbladder! You know you can open a medical book and see pictures of those right? You can even do a Google image search and view them there.

    When you make these excuses, you are just telling everyone that you think you are above the rules and that they don't apply to you. That is how the administrators and the dean will view this. They'll also wonder what you are capable of doing when no one is around. I don't even care about the privacy debate because it's more of an integrity and common sense thing to me.
    I did not take her post that way at all. I think she was just trying to explain the situation and atmosphere around her at the time and how that may have contributed to her lapse in judgement. I am always amazed by how harsh and judgemental people can be online. She admitts a bunch of times that she made a mistake, plain and simple.

  • Nov 21 '12

    I've seen a lot of people say cell phones aren't allowed in clinicals.. in my school, or at least for all of my clinical classes so far, having a cell phone is required. All of us students end up spread out throughout the hospital sometimes, and this is how the instructors communicate with us and we communicate with them (text).

    Having said that, we'd get kicked out if we were caught taking pictures of ANYTHING related to patient care.

  • Nov 21 '12

    Yay good news! The presentation was a fantastic idea!

  • Nov 20 '12

    I suppose you already turned you note in....but you can PM me.

    I am so happy that your program let you back are VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!! I know this has been one lesson learned. I have thought about you all weekend.


  • Nov 19 '12

    Awesome news! Glad you're back into the program!

  • Nov 19 '12

    I think the idea of the presentation is something very useful as a tool to some students who are not familiar with HIPAA and so forth.

    Congrats on being accepted again, this is a great way for you to educate others.

  • Nov 19 '12

    That's great! From reading what you originally posted and reading what you went in there and actually said, it's sounds like you heeded some of the good advice that was posted on here.

  • Nov 19 '12

    So happy for you! I think you handled yourself wonderfully and I'm glad all ended well

  • Nov 19 '12

    Agree with previous posters -- great that you went in there not only with an apology, but with a way to benefit the entire program by presenting to those coming behind you so that they could learn from your mistake and prevent them from making the same type of error unknowingly.

    These are the kinds of things that make you open your eyes and really be aware of what's going on around you. It's one thing for students to read about something like this in a textbook (which seems like a, "well, duh, I would never do that!" type of thing), and it's another to see that it can even happen to "one of them" in real, actual life.

    Good job, and good luck!

  • Nov 19 '12

    Thank goodness...I was worried for you all weekend! I can assure you, you have already taught one person a lesson...ME! You sound like you are well on your way to becoming a great nurse! Good luck!

  • Nov 19 '12

    I'm thrilled for you that your school has given you a second chance---make the most of it!! If someone learns from your mistake and future presentations, some good will come of it =)

  • Nov 19 '12

    I'm very glad to hear that outcome! It sounds like you approached this meeting properly with thoughtful offers that showed maturity and responsibility. Best of luck to you!

  • Nov 19 '12

    I'm so sorry OP. that must have been quite a blow

    There's almost nothing worse you can spin nursing school than to break hospital policy. I think they'd rather you break school policy than have the "embarrassment" of the hospital up in arms. I'm sure my program would have done the same to me if I was in your shoes. Any bad feedback from a professional at clinicals is paramount to the apocalypse.

    But keep your chin up. You may be down for now, but if this is what you want you'll make it happen and you definitely won't make this mistake twice.

    Good luck!

  • Nov 19 '12

    Keeping in my thoughts and prayers

  • Nov 19 '12

    Quote from Jenn77x1

    Thanks to everyone for their comments whether positive or negative. Our nursing program does NOT want us to have cell phones at clinical. They are suppose to be left in our cars or secured in some other way and we can only check them at lunch. Everyone DOES take them to clinical though because where I'm at for clinicals you must take a shuttle to the hospital from your car and no one has time to do that during lunch and the majority of us have kids. I was wearing my own scrubs not OR scrubs, I didn't have my clinical bag because I knew that I would be in the OR without a place to have my things throughout the day. I have a degree in psychology and I know the importance of protecting a patients information, this is or wasn’t the same thing. I was disconnected from the patient in this situation.

    In regards to “I should have known better because I'm a 2nd year student" is really irrelevant, HIPAA has not been drilled into our heads from the beginning.This was a common sense issue not a HIPAA rule that I should have known. It is not a HIPAA violation by the way but a violation of privacy. I'm NOT a Nurse, I am a student and A EXCELLENT CARE TAKER ~ but I have and will make mistakes.

    I was standing in the corner of the OR for hours, I could not even see the patient, and the only thing I could see is the 5 monitors that were showing the inside of the patient’s stomach. I'm not denying that I made a HUGE mistake but I am saying that this mistake should not define who I am, what kind of Nurse I would be, or be an indication of my judgment as a professional. I didn't try to hide taking the picture as there was a RN and X-ray tech standing right over my shoulder ( btw-the nurse was taking pictures out of a product catalog and texting it to her friends for orders) .

    I'm a nerd, I love medicine and biology, I have a microscope at home, I want to be an OR nurse . . . I was in awe! After staring at the monitors for a long time, I separated what I was seeing on the monitors from the patient. I wasn'tthe nurse in the OR; if I was I would have been doing my job.

    So my appointment was yesterday not today and I did get removed from the program. I had two meetings yesterday and one with the VP of Academic/StudentAffairs today. The VP set-up a meeting for me on Monday with herself, the Dean and the dept head so I have no idea what will happen then. I'm in the process of writing an apology letter to all involved. I do in fact believe that there should be some type of probation or disciplinary action but having said that I believe that removal from the program is a little harsh. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest as I want this more than anything. I have spent the last 31 months of life fighting everyday to be good enough to make it to the end. I have watched my friends fail out all around me and I'm actually passing and making it but I had to go and do something completely thoughtless to mess it up.

    Could those of you that don't think I'm a horrible person please send any extra Ju`Ju that you may have my way ~ I need all of the help I can get right now . .. This is absolutely the worst feeling in the world !
    No one thinks you are a bad person nor that you would be a bad nurse. It is just one of those things that it is what it is. I am so very sorry this happened to you....very sorry. But I knew that this would not be taken lightly. I've been a nurse a long time and I knew this would be a cardinal sin.

    I have been in awe at many things during my career....but I have never felt compelled to take a picture. I've been a nurse for 35 years......I'm as nerdy as they come. doesn't matter what the other nurses were matters what YOU were doing that matters.

    I am sending you prayers and I hope a miracle comes your way.