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I come from a very educational family. My mother is a teacher, her father was a teacher, her sister is a principal and her brother a superintendent. So naturally, I became a teacher. The first time I ever had any inkling that I might have a future in nursing was when my son was born and I cried almost non-stop the entire time I was in the hospital. As those wonderful women helped me through a terrible bout of post-partum depression, I thought, "I wouldn't mind doing this."
I enjoy teaching. That has never been the issue. But of course, I enjoyed waiting tables just as much. I just like working. So when it became obvious that my family needed a little something extra, I remembered that time in the hospital and my stirring for the nursing field.
I mentioned it to my husband and he agreed. I took longer to agree, waring with myself. Was this really the right answer? Should I really just give up on one life to start another? Months later I realize that the answer is "yes!"
So here I am with an acceptance letter in my hand and excitement for my future. I can't wait!

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