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I'm a simple gal indulging myself into the complexity of accomplishing my goal to become one day a military nurse. My dream is to work my way to becoming a U.S. Air Force operating room nurse then eventually being a CRNA. To serve my country who gave my parents the opportunity to follow their dreams (Mother: Almost about to retire head RN & Father: Retired Navy Cheif) which I want to honor for the fortunate life I was given, to be self-less & sacrifice to care for the sick or whom are in need, to relieve a person's pain at all costs is priceless to me. This is what I want. I need it. This will be my purpose. My passion. :)

My name is Ashley. I was borned & raised in Virginia Beach, Va. I am filipino-american. I just turned 24 ( Today Feb. 12th) I'm a future nursing student looking forward to achieving an associates degree at Tidewater Community College. Then hopefully transferring to the University of Virginia's to then achieve a bachelors degree in nursing in their RN-BSN program. Then eventually work my way to becoming an operating room nurse (scrub nurse pertically) then hopefully gaining commission as an officer into the United States Air Force. My dream is to be a military nurse & I'm determined to accomplish this. I'm looking to seek advice from any military nurse esp. who is an operating room nurse in the Air Force. Also seeking to network & develop friendships with pre-nursing,nursing students, RN's etc. esp. ones who are located in the Hampton Road's area in Virginia. I think strategic planning is crucial to accomplishing any goals & will love to receive advice from anyone whom is legit & knowledgable to my related goals. Feel free to email or add me on Facebook. Ask for contact info. :) To get to know me more.

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