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  • Apr 27

    Hi all-I am also applying for the NTP program for FY17. I am applying for medsurg. I am in the national guard right now and have been for two years (as of tomorrow-crazy how fast the time goes!). Good luck to everyone!

  • Mar 24

    Quote from Jazi123
    How did your interview go?
    It went really well! The Lt. Col. was very friendly and definitely put me at ease. It felt more like a discussion rather than an interview.

    Are you applying for FQ or NTP? I'm only asking because I would assume that with a MSN you would have over a year of experience and would go FQ. Either way, how is your process going? Is your spouse AD as well (since you're in Okinawa)?

  • Dec 21 '15

    The thing is if you pick 'clinical nurse' instead of OB, then you'll end up doing inpatient med-surg for several years. You also might not even get the OB identifier at all if you pick 'clinical nurse.' That means you would have to do the OB/L&D fellowship to go back to OB ever again. It might be years before you have the opportunity to do that.

    That's a lot of maybes for my taste. You're better off staying civilian, getting some more experience, getting some certs, and taking some more grad school classes if you don't get it the first time. I don't see too many OB floor nurses running around with an MSN, so I think you'll have a decent shot at OB (not to say it's unheard of but it's not very common).

  • Oct 28 '15

    I'm thinking about applying for the NTP FY17. I spoke to a recruiter (via email) yesterday and he sent me some forms but that's about as far as I've gotten but since stuff isn't due until July, I guess I have time to figure things out.

    Lasarazen when I found the closest health care professionals recruiter, I had to go through the AF page and select a health care professional recruiter (as opposed to enlisted or college graduate) and I put in my zip code and it gave me the closest location and email address of the recruiter there. is the email address listed for the Aurora office...which is weird because the email address I got from my closest recruiter is an actual person's email address with their first and last name like most official military email addresses.

  • Oct 28 '15

    Anyone looking at applying for USAF NTP program for FY17? I am trying to get the process going, but having a hard time getting consistent comms with the recruiter in my region. I was told Nurse Corps recruiting business has been moved from the Goodyear (AZ) station to the Aurora/Denver station. Spoke once a few weeks ago with a SGT Brown in the Aurora/Denver office, but haven't been able to get a hold of him since then via phone - no one answers the phone and there is no option to leave a voicemail. I failed to get his email address the one time I talked to him, so can't contact via email. Anyone have any insight?

  • Nov 15 '12

    MB L&D is taking 10 candidates and everyone selected should know by Monday. Good luck everyone!!

  • Nov 9 '12

    Yay! Congrats Jazi123 and all the others w/ interviews! Lucky moms and babies!!!

  • Nov 8 '12

    It's so hard out there. I'm sure something will come up. I'm at 10 months now going on 11 and have done the volunteering and the classes/certifications. It can get so discouraging but keep on goingg. I saw on fb that someone found a job after 2 years so there's still hope!

    Quote from Jazi123
    sad I didn't get a call from Mary birch L&D, got a little excited after i found out my app went to manager. I just don't know what it takes I've done all the classes, certifications, I guess I was missing that last bit of luck. I'll just keep sending them out.

  • Nov 5 '12

    Good luck to all of our L&D/NICU people!!!

  • Oct 31 '12

    Totally understandable! I live in North County too! Mary Birch is AWESOME! I'm a volunteer there now as is a great environment. I like the idea of starting my nursing career at a place I'm already familiar with! It is so hard to be patient, isn't it?!

  • Oct 30 '12

    Quote from Jazi123
    I know that class has been a requirement for Mary birch the last few application periods I think it was a requirment for all sharp L&D departments this time around.
    Yeah, I thought it was a requirement too. I asked the recruiter specifically about it and she said that it is recommended but not a requirement at this time (at least for Grossmont). I hope she is right!

    And thanks for the info on the class. Hopefully I can get in on the one in February then.

  • Oct 21 '12

    Coriander-- when sharp first contacts an it by email or phone? just want to be sure to know what I'm looking out for (hoping that I will get a response ).

  • Oct 21 '12

    Quote from Jazi123
    I heard the interview for this department can be intense. Can you share what it's like? Type of questions, etc. I'm so anxious. I know it's super competitive and the chances of even getting a call are slim but i still get excited with every app I send out. I applied to L&D at Mary Birch (my dream job) and Grossmont. Good luck!!!
    I did think it was intense, but I was VERY nervous as Mary Birch is also my dream job. (After doing a lot of applications and interviews now, I actually think UCSD's new grad program interview was more difficult, I think this is because they have a higher population of high risk moms whereas Mary Birch may not be as high risk, but delivers A LOT more babies.) Questions were pretty common- strengths, weaknesses, goals, most/least fav clinical area. After I got rejected via email, I responded asking for advice and what was given to me was to: get ACLS and NRP, become an AWHONN member, take the Maternal Newborn Nursing Course through RPS, build interview skills, and to have some sort of RN experience. Since then, I have done all of the above except have RN experience and I think we can all agree- how can I get experience if nobody will hire a new grad?

    I think it also can't be overemphasized how much it matters if you have a connection to a hospital- I'm pretty sure relatives make a difference for Sharp, but I definitely know Scripps hires mostly based on connections with employees of the hospital- at least for their new grad program. This is the most frustrating part to me, because none of my family is in the medical field- I'm the first one, so I don't have that connection. I just don't see how having a connection makes someone more qualified for a job... that's probably because it doesn't.

    Sorry for the long, vent-ful response, but thus far, my career search has been long and tedious and my patience and hope is wearing thin. Good luck to us all this time around! ::crosses fingers::

  • Oct 18 '12

    I'm so anxious waiting for them to start calling! I hope we hear back soon!