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    Quote from mimiandrews
    Hi crazyjess.. you said you passed your NCLEX-RN the first time last month. How come you have this post last Feb that you failed NCLEX? Be true to yourself girl
    Hi. Thank you for your private message and comment. Just to clarify, this account is shared by me, my sister, and my bestfriend. Not all the posts here are made by me (the one who recently passed). This post in particular was made by my bestfriend who failed NCLEX twice now. In fact, I was the one who told her about Feuer. I don't see any reason to lie.. You mentioned in your private message that I'm bragging. I don't see any reason why I should brag. My recent post's purpose is not to brag, but to share my experience, and hopefully help others. I'm sorry it came off that way to you. If you don't believe me, I don't think there's anything I can do about that. Good luck, and God bless!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently in a dilemma and I am in dire need of your advice.

    I am an inexperienced nurse who passed the NCLEX-RN exam 2 weeks ago. I graduated in 2009, which means I am an "old" fresh grad, which means finding a job is even more challenging. I really want to work in a hospital setting. This is my dream. Thinking that it would take me a months to a year before I can land my first job, I didn't want to miss any opportunity, so I've applied to every RN job where I'm qualified, hospital and non-hospital. I was surprised that I got 2 job offers in 2 weeks, one 3 hour drive away, and the other is just around the area, but both of these positions are non hospital positions. We would rather not move, so the 3 hour drive is out. Now I'm confused whether to take the other job, or wait for a better one. It's only been 2 weeks since I started applying, so I'm hopeful a hospital position would come, but at the same time I'm scared that I would not get any other job offer? Should I take this position? Please help.

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    OMG! You have no idea how happy I am for you... You did it!!!! Congratulations!

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    For those foreign trained nurses, please share how did you land your first job?

    Thank you.

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    Quote from Nurse_AR415
    Congrats RN, how long did u study for the test?
    I studied for 2 months, 5 days a week, 4-6 hours a day.

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    Please don't ask for copyrighted materials on the forums, or they'll close this article. Thanks.

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    Quote from MiraLaccay
    Hi, your story made me more motivated and inspired. I'm an RN in the PH I just applied for my Nclex here at California. I'm so.bothered about the concurrency issue thing because some of my fellow Filipino was not granted to take the nclex and are ineligible to take the exam. I just wanna know if you were affected by the CA BRN changes for USRN application. I look forward to.your kind response.!!
    Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about that. I'm from Texas. There was no problem with my application, whatsoever. I sent my application on May. It took a month for my school and PRC to send my documents. CGFNS received it first week of June. They sent the result to Texas BON last week of June. I then took my jurisprudence exam, which is one of the requirements in TX, and I registered at Pearson Vue and paid $200. 2 days after the registration, I got my ATT. And that's when I started studying.

    What was the reason for ineligibility? You can PM me. Maybe we can both look into it.

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    Do you take breaks during the week? Your brain needs rest too. Relax for a bit. Get a massage, go to a park, watch a movie, call some friends, etc. Give yourself some time to recuperate. If you are already doing all these, then I would say try some other ways of studying other than answering questions, like listen to audio materials, watch some videos, or browse over your notes. But if you really don't feel like studying, don't force yourself. Give it a rest. It's normal to get burnt out.

    When I was doing my reviews, there were days too when I didn't wanna study at all. I think everyone experiences this, it's pretty normal. What I did was read some pass and fail stories from this site, and somehow that gave me motivation to go on. There were days when I just didn't wanna do anything review-related. So I just gave myself a break, I did things that make me happy like watch a movie or bake some goodies, etc. The following day, I was back on my normal level of energy.

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    Hello CrazyJess,

    thanks for the advice. I am also using almost the same review materials that you used. I enrolled to NCSBN 2 months ago and I'm planning to do it again 1 week before my scheduled test. Do you think it's really close to NCLEX questions? And also is this your first time to take the NCLEX? thanks!
    You're welcome. Yes, it was my first time. LaCharity for me was the closest to NCLEX. I guess because I got a lot of prioritization questions. Probably 80% of what I had was prioritization. NCSBN is close to NCLEX, but I find the wording of some of the questions to be a little off. But like I said everyone's different, so if NCSBN worked for you, meaning you liked it and you learned from it, then go for it! Good luck!

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    Quote from science in flowers
    Yes please, do you have links to the 35 pg study guide and the other info you got from this site? it would be so helpful if you had the documents or maybe the link to share?

    congrats on passing, you did awesome!
    Thank you. I don't know how to upload it here. Can you PM me your email. I'll send it to you.

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    Quote from mikimoto
    As it is, your nursing license/career is at stake.
    You already spent so much time and $$$ on your education and testing fees.
    Do you really want to skimp out on this and rely on online forums for help?
    You need a sound LEGAL advice. As you've mentioned, you did plead guilty earlier.
    By doing so, you placed yourself in a different ballgame.
    I completely agree with this statement. I grew up around lawyers, so I know a little about things like this. He's right, pleading guilty puts your case in different ballgame. Hence I mentioned in my last statement to be very careful in making decisions that can potentially affect your case. Remember that everything you do relating to this case changes the tides, either positively or negatively. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the law and the people enforcing them (BON for this matter) aren't very forgiving. I'm not sure if not talking on a cellphone during NCLEX is actually a law, but I know it's a very important RULE that everyone needs to follow, and I think BON takes that very seriously. You need to be assertive. You can't just rely on BON's mercy. Your whole career is at stake. You need to read and learn as much as you can about the law, and about your case. And yes, a sound LEGAL advice would be very beneficial.

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    I wanted to add something. I can't edit my post anymore so I'll just add it here:

    Another thing I did to keep me focused was ask myself everyday "Have I done my best today? Have I done everything I absolutely can?". This question kept me going. In my mind, it would be a shame to ask God to help me pass if I myself was not doing my absolute best. I feel like I can hear Him saying "Why would I help you if you are not willing to help yourself?". Actually I don't think He's ever gonna say that. It's more like my conscience nagging at me. hehe.

    Whenever you are slacking, you can ask yourself this too.

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    Quote from Tanacious
    Yay, I new you passed congrats!
    Thank you! We passed!!!

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    Quote from Miniangel2
    Million thanks"kabayan" sharing your storieS and congrats...God bless you!
    Walang anuman. Good luck and God bless!

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    Quote from myaMS
    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your inspiring story! Congratulations and may God continue to bless you...Please include us in your powerful prayers... Congrats again RN!!
    You're welcome. I will include all of you in my prayers. God bless!