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  • Oct 19

    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Why should you get paid more if you're doing the exact same job? If you think you deserve more, then go find a management position that actually utilizes all that extra school.
    I agree. Just because I went to community college and finished my bsn through an rn-bsn program with a total of 12k in loans (wpuld have been a total of that much if I lived in state but my rn-bsn program says one mile into next state means I pay almost triple! But it was my choice to go there) doesnt mean that at anytime during the time ive had my rn that I should be paid less. I worked hard and chose to save money. 12k for a bsn instead of the 100k ive heard from people. Same degree. Before graduation I had placed over 10 iv's, ran many cardiac drips, worked every department, and took a total of 4 patients and did complete cares so I dont feel my education suffered going the route I did.

  • Apr 14

    Im blessed to have awesome parents for my private duty case. They are totally involved and usually by the time I get there they have all the cares done except meds. Lol I think they like to give me something. They always ask if I need help and know how to do and actually do everything im able to do. So maybe you can just find another case? Not all parents are disinterested. Dont lose faith!