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  • Jul 2 '15

    I don't think narcissist is really the right word for the patients you're describing, but I know exactly the kind of patient you're referring to.

    Frankly, I think refusing to care for them is wrong and unprofessional. No one, and I mean NO ONE actually likes caring for those kinds of patients. It is almost as self-centered of you to refuse to care for them as their behavior is, because now you're just dumping it on someone else who probably hates it as much as you do.

    I'm not saying that to attack you, just to point out that you really need to find a way to deal with these types because they will always be there and you will always come across them no matter where you go unless you get out of direct patient care altogether. No matter what industry you go into you will have people like that as well. There are just people out there who are unaware that anyone else in the world exists, or at least they just don't care.

    Learning to deal with all types of people is just part of our job.

  • Jul 2 '15

    Well, I would say if the blankets really smell then you are not the only one to notice and pointing it out wouldn't be a bad thing. Not completely sure why you feel like it would even be an issue to mention it.

    Second possibility is that it's a scent that's just unpleasant to you. Some scents are unpleasant to specific individuals while many would not care or notice.