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Joined Jan 29, '12 - from 'Portland, OR, US'. DuckFan23 is a Adult Nurse Practitioner, Evercare/United Healthcare. She has '16' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Critical Care, telemetry, Legal'. Posts: 23 (48% Liked) Likes: 15

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am a true Oregonian! I have been a nurse for 16 years; all in critical care. Then decided to go the APN route. Just graduated from UMASS Boston with my PMC in ANP/GNP. Prepping for boards. Should take them anytime....
I have two lovely furry family members (cats), and married to a fantastic guy. Now to get my certifications....

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Adult Nurse Practitioner, Evercare/United Healthcare
Portland, OR, US
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Critical Care, telemetry, Legal
Nursing Experience
16 years
avid runner, wine taster, hiker, and love to read.
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