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  • Sep 6 '15

    Fun fact: WGU has just been named an NLN Center of Excellence for Nursing Education.

  • Sep 6 '15

    Because you progress with a cohort. There is a single, six month pre-clinical term. You could (conceivably) complete all the work required in this term in just a few weeks. At the end of this term, you begin the clinical component. So, for example, first is CASAL I (med-surg). You complete all the didactic portion (6 weeks if I'm not mistaken) then spend two days in sim lab, then you have a two week long clinical intensive where you work 6, 12-hour shifts 1:1 with a practicing RN in the clinical facility. One CASAL I is complete, you begin this process again for CASAL II. There are a total of eight clinical intensives to be completed over four, six month long terms.

    MANY of my students hold down full time jobs during this program.

    AGAIN didactic is all online- you could complete this portion as quickly as you like.

  • Sep 6 '15

    I am currently in the pre-licensure program. I did most of my pre req's at my local community college. I had a lot of the classes anyways from my previous degree. I do work full time and I am in my first clinical rotation. It is not easy, but it is doable. You have to be completely free and flexible for the 2 weeks of clinical. This term we have two clinical rotations that are five shifts each. The labs are set and are on weekends. You have to attend lab. Not really any make up days for that. This term there are 7 lab days, all on the weekend. The first 6 months of the program are pre nursing classes, I flew those pretty fast and got done before the term ended. In the second term the classes are not as self paced. You do have hard date deadlines, but can move at a faster pace if you like. I have financial aid that has covered everything so far. Hope that helps. So far I really like the program.

  • Aug 11 '15

    I just found out this morning as well and I got accepted!! Congratulations on being #1 on the wait list. Hopefully you will get in. I am so excited to start in Oct.

  • Jan 13 '15

    Hey guys! I'm in the pre-nursing term for Cedars. I try to read all the posts and answer because when I was doing research, there was no information! Our cohort has 12 students and only 10 of us will proceed into the nursing program. We're hoping they'll take all 12 of us. Maybe when you apply next year they will accept more into the program. In the meantime, I recommend nailing the TEAS (shoot for over 95%), and make sure you have some kind of certification or healthcare experience or volunteer experience, or all three. PM me if you have questions. Good Luck!

  • Dec 27 '14

    I'm sorry, Shonda. What I said was unfair and not nice. I apologize.

  • Dec 6 '14

    So I been doing alot of research for WGU and reading these forums. They give me a good idea about the school but I was completely oblivious about the classes and how they worked. Im a visual learner so reading about how the classes worked wasnt clicking for me. So I asked questions but of course no one answered lol so I found some really good videos on good ol YouTube University lol you can learn how to do almost anything on there and I found some mentors showing how classes worked. Watching it made me feel a lot better and I can see this being totally do able. And om really excited to the school Thursday! Hope the video helps!

    WGU Course of Study Navigation: WGU Course of Study Navigation - YouTube

    Degreen Plan call and COS review: Degreen Plan call and COS review - YouTube

  • Nov 19 '14

    Quote from lvnreadyforrn
    Hi tsm007,

    Congrats on your accomplishments and I know that you will find a job soon. I just have a couple of questions. When did you start clinically? Did you start them in the beginning of the program? Also, I work Mon-Fri, how often will there be a need to take time off from work? And then one more question, approximately how long does it take you to complete each class? I know it's a lot but any help is much appreciated.
    There has been a couple program changes since I started (and they do seem to change the program rather frequently so always double check things). Anyway, the first 6 months do not have clinicals. Then about every 8-12 weeks you have clinicals which are done over 2 weeks. You also have 2 weekend labs before the clinicals and a 3rd weekend for testing. You have two clinical courses every 6 month term, but the spacing doesn't always work out to be perfectly every 3 months. The clinical rotations can be day shift, night shift, weekdays, or weekends. You don't get a lot of choice in this. You can make requests, but they don't always honor them. That is probably the only gripe I have is the scheduling process could greatly be improved.

    The clinical classes are not exactly self-paced. They soft of are, but you still have deadlines. The non-clinical courses you have some more flexibility on.

  • Nov 19 '14

    Awesome!! I also have 2 classes to complete.

    I am attending El Camino College for a Physiology Class with Lab to cover the portion I am missing.

    I took A&P 1 and 2 but the 2 was taught by the most horrible teacher whoever existed at National University. Just about everyone barely passed and have to retake it because the grade was not good enough. So I am taking Physiology with a lab to cover those credit.

    I also have to do a Psychology Life Span and Development Course. I am debating whether to CLEP It or take El Camino's Online Course.

    I have to also accomplish my TEAS Exam.

    I can't wait til its time to start the program. I am excited.

  • Nov 8 '14

    I have been hearing good things about WGU but mostly on the RN to BSN programs. If that program is getting good review I am assuming the pre-licensing is good and hearing alot from my enrollment counselor.

    I wish more Pre-licensing students were here.

  • Nov 8 '14

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking at possible attending WGUs Prelicensing.

    I have been between 2 schools but it is looking more positive with WGU than the other school. I have to retake my A&P 2 due to the Lack of quality instructors. The Professor we had was absolutely horrible and many of us in the class need to retake it due to low grades. I will have to wait til Spring and take it at a community college instead of where I took the last one. I am wondering how many other are planning to attend in 2015.

    Other than that I will have all I need to Apply. I am emailing my enrollment counselor and find out the upcoming dates that are out so far in 2015.

    I am gearing more towards WGU and having a group to work together and keep eachother motivated would be great. Let me know.


  • Jun 1 '13

    Quote from belledandy27
    Hi Everyone. I finally finished my GED and I am a single mother of two kids, i am 30 and I have been out of school for 10 years. I want to become an RN, but I am doubting if I am too old or just been out of school for too long. do you guys think it's still possible for me to get this done, while working my full time job? I get no child support, and I want this so bad for my kids future. I also want to finally accomplish something for me. I've had a really rough 20s, and hoping my 30s would be much better Any tips, insights and advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you all!
    Your def not to old! I'm 34 and just got into nursing school after spending 6 years of prereq. I too am a single mother and have yet to receive support. I also had a rough patch in my 20's and part of my 30's but things are looking up! I could have stayed down considering my circumstances but I chose to press on. If you are determined, you can do it. good luck to you

  • Feb 16 '13

    I am OUTRAGED!

    As an African-American nurse, how dare that hospital honor the request of a racist bigot and have that baby re-assigned to another nurse simply because he felt the African-American nurse could not care for the baby based on the color of her skin. Not her nursing skills, but because she is black!

    I hope that nurse get a million dollar settlement and an apology from the hospital. What a way to reward someone for 25 years of service.

  • Jan 19 '13

    Hello fellow LPN's. I am so excited about furthering my career in nursing. I started out as a CNA and then almost 6.5yrs ago I decided to go get my LPN. I'm so grateful and blessed to have been accepted into the RN program at ECC in Buffalo. Even though its a community college it's a very demanding program and many qualified applicants are over looked. Many people came to school with their heads low after they were declined. I tried to be very humble but I couldn't help blushing a little bit.

    So school starts on next Tuesday and I can't wait. Luckily, all my prerequisites have been previously completed and I only have Math of Dosage to take along side my nursing courses.

    I'm ready for the next 4 semesters... I'm sure they will be stressful but I'm more than ready. I'm nervous and excited but I know I can do all the things I put my mind to.

    Good luck and God speed with your future endeavors my fellow nurses.

  • Jan 19 '13

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what that class is as I didn't do the bridge LVN-RN program. Looks like that only applies to LVN's and that it's the last class that should be taken after all the other prerequisite have been completed.

    Maybe you'll have some useful information there. I really encourage you to go down there (you can try calling, but it's hard to get a hold of that department) and make an appointment with Deborah, she's the counselor that takes care of a majority of the nursing applicants and will be more informative than most of the others in that department. If they try to schedule you with someone else, don't. Just trust me, I've learned from my experience and them giving me the run-around. Some of the other counselors and staff have misinformed me as well, so stick to Deborah. Also, make sure you're registered as a student, otherwise they won't see you.

    Good luck with everything Sorry I wasn't able to help you out.