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    Hey there! Did they offer positions on the Mother-Baby Unit at all?

    If so... what charting system do they use and how is the group dynamic on the unit?

    Thank you!

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    There were no clinicals on weekend except if you had missed a clinical or you were the one odd group in the summer session that had to do one clinical day on a Saturday. Clinicals are Tuesday and Wednesday during the regular semester and then it gets changed in the summer. I did not live on campus. I lived in a tiny quiet apartment complex about 8 minutes from campus with another nursing student. Housing is a little difficult to find so you will want to start on it as soon as possible. There are three big hospitals in the immediate area that we do clinicals at. Then we went to other agencies for Public Health. Passed my NCLEX in 75 questions!

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    The SACS status of Louisiana College just got changed in December. You can look up the exact changes. I recently graduated the program and I am waiting to sit for my NCLEX. Looking back on my experience there, it was extremely challenging times, but I absolutely loved it. I formed great friendships with other students and professors. Since the school is small, it is to a nursing student's advantage to go here. Good luck with everything!

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    I will be starting this process in December of 2013 when I graduate from a program in Louisiana. So when you apply for endorsement, do you automatically apply for a temporary license at the same time?

    I am trying to decide whether to test in California or Louisiana.

    Advice would be appreciated because I find the BON websites to be confusing and they always have a busy signal when I call them.

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    I recommend that you call the Nursing Department and ask them because they have a great understanding of what is going on and they will be able to explain it.

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    Hey there! I am an ABSN student. I chose to live off campus. Nursing school is difficult. But I found that having a bachelors degree helped me with my testing skills, professionalism, and overall time management. The first week of school in the fall was completely overwhelming and scary. But over time you learn to adjust and understand what is expected of you. The hospitals in this area are great and have made my clinical experience!

    What was your major? Do you have a ton of other classes to finish this summer?

    Best of luck!

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    Thank you for your thoughts! I did not know that we had a final preceptorship. Do you have any advice for the first semester of school?

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    Medinao I just got accepted yesterday too! Are you accepting their offer? I am super nervous to move too... I am from CA so it will be a big change but I am looking forward to it!

    Bott- Do you have any insight on the Nursing 210 class and skills test. Also, what should we expect our first term?

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    How did the interview go? Did you interview in person or by the phone? I have been looking and there seem to be some nice places to live in Pineville and Alexandria. That is great to know about the job market! Thank you for your help!

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    Have you started the anatomy class? I am looking at taking that class too! Let me know how it goes!

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    Wow Thank you for the information Bott! I am working on my application right now. Did you live in Pineville during the program or another city. I am excited at the prospect of living down south. How is the job market in Louisiana? Are you working yet?

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    Hello everyone!

    I was hoping to find out some information about Louisiana College's ABSN program. If there are any recent graduates out there that could provide some insight to the program it would be much appreciated.

    How was the interview process?

    How was the pace of the program? Do you feel prepared as a RN?

    Does anyone know if you can specialize in postpartum care?

    Thank You!

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    Bott- I am applying to LC this year. Do you remember if you could take your senior skills class in Postpartum care?

    How is the program in general? I am from Northern California and I am excited at the idea of moving to the south. How are the clinicals and the lectures?

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    I am looking to do my prereqs at Gavilan. Are the anatomy and physiology classes impacted?

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    I am looking into this course now. Did you ever end up taking it?