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Joined Jan 12, '12 - from 'Houston, TX, US'. Kdrenee is a PCA. She has '1/2' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'inerested in school nursing, peds, OR'. Posts: 403 (18% Liked) Likes: 120

Hi there! My name is Kaydee, I'm from good ole Houston, Texas. I am a CNA in nursing school. I have worked in a hospital on a medsurg floor, and now that school is starting shortly I am looking for PRN work. I can not wait to be a nurse, and eventually a nurse practioner. My passion truly is nursing. There is just nothing else I would rather do. Thanks for reading my bio, and goodluck to you all in your nursing journey!

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Pre-Nursing Student
Houston, TX, US
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inerested in school nursing, peds, OR
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1/2 years
singing, fishing, music, and all things nursing.
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