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Nursing is my lifelong dream and something I've always had a passion for. For as long as I can remember my mother has been a diabetic, along with many of my family members. Still today, I can remember the frequent hospital visits and medical attention my mothers' disease required. Because of her lack of medical concern, she encountered many complications such as high blood pressure, blurred vision, and neuropathy. At a young age, I committed my time to help improve my mother's condition by showing support, attending doctor appointments, and simply encouraging a better diet. My family has exposed me to the art of caring, and these events initiated my desire to become a Nurse Practitioner. I admire the care and support that Nurses are able to offer patients on a daily basis. I currently work in the Acute Psychiatric Hospital for the state and our population mostly consists of schizophrenic/bipolar patients. I am passionate about mental health awareness and promoting for there to be more hospitals that not only treat our bodies, but also our minds.

Becoming a Nurse is only a stepping stone to my dream of being a Nurse Practitioner; I've always wanted to work in an environment where I can see the impact I’d have on another persons’ life. Nursing has become a valued profession to me because of my personal experiences and the idea of healing others with my God-given skills and knowledge for another’s lifelong advantage. I joined Anderson University because it focuses nursing around a health care model that incorporates a Christ-centered and faith driven clinical practice. I believe that this model of care is important in the healing process because Nurses can relate and help patients using a holistic approach, not solely focusing on treating the illness but the “whole” patient.

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