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    I know this is a switch, normally Nigerian nurses want to leave Nigeria. I am an American born and trained nurse who is moving to Nigeria with my husband.
    I am interested in the degree requirements.
    I have an Associates Degree in Nursing and have been an RN for 27 years, I have worked as an ICU or critical are nurse for 20 of those years. Currently, I am working as a hospice nurse.
    What are the degree requirement for nursing in Nigeria?
    I appreciate any and all help
    Thank you .

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    Relocating to the north shore, was wondering what the salaries are like and what facilities would other nurses recommend.
    I thank you for your input in advance!


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    I am familiar with Kindred Hospitals. I would like some feedback about the nurse to pt ratio, what its like to work in LTAC. I am an experienced ICU nurse and would like to relocate to La, to be close to my family. The north shore preferably, but would consider Kindred.
    Anyone with any info?? thanks

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    Does anyone know what happened with this bill, I tried to look it up and could not find the answer.
    I thought I remembered that it was vetoed. Can anyone send me a link to information about this bill