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  • Aug 9 '16

    There are federal loans available for nursing school exclusively. See if your school offers that. The Nursing Scholarship Program is open right now as well. Search and apply for scholarships! I spent 2.5 years in a liberal studies program while preparing for nursing school. If you don't have a certain amount of prereqs done, then you can't even get into the program so I'm hoping my years don't count against any pell grants. I am on part time basis now at 10 credit hours though, so I get to take out more loans. It's all good though and I really think these comments about "wah wah taxpayers" can go where the sun "don't" shine. Seriously, I'm pretty sure corporate America and political America spends a lot more in taxpayer money (with pork spending) than some person that is trying to get a second degree in nursing.