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    Now only if I can revive him to the future, then I can go out and celebrate!

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    Has anyone from Illinois received notification? This is killing me.

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    Do they eventually notify people who didn't receive it?

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    Awesome! Congrats keep us updated.

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    I hope they are hiring in 17 months when I graduate ha. Do you currently work there upliftingRN?

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    That's definitely a good sign. Good luck! Hopefully you get the position.

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    Good luck!!!

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    I really don't think it matters where you take your pre-req classes as long as you do well in them. I got accepted to an ABSN program and I took my pre reqs at a community college.

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    I did hear nursing changes you, but I didn't think it would be such an eye-catching change!

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    Quote from tammy1019
    As an ADN nurse (who just graduated from an RN to BSN program), I need to tell you that my fellow nurses on here are right--it CAN be practically impossible to get a job with an ADN. I know a lot of people who will jump on that statement, but that has been my experience. Many have pointed out important things to consider, so I would just like to add: what about your quality of life? Nursing school is really hard, and a BSN is pretty much required these days. You said yourself it is your goal. Why take the long way around just to save a few dollars? You are young, and I can tell you that you won't have much of a social life while in nursing school. Why prolong the experience to arrive at the same end? Not to mention, it is incredibly disheartening to work your butt off in an ADN program only to be essentially told that your education means nothing because your degree is not good enough. It happened to me, and I graduated with a 4.0--still not good enough. This is why I point everyone on AN to the BSN route.
    Yeah Tammy, I am sure it must be tough when you are not recognized for your hard work and dedication. Was it difficult for you to obtain a job with an ADN?

    Do you know if it's impossible to get a job in home care, long term care or assisted living facilities as well as new grad with an ADN? Or is it just hard to get into a hospital?

    Also, you said from your experience this is what you've encountered. Is that within Chicago or somewhere in IL? I've also heard that it depends where you are located.

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    I've taken some of my pre reqs for nursing and have to admit that their administration is the worst!! Lazy, incompetent and overall no help at all!! Some of the instructors I had were awesome (Driver and Kogan) but others were TERRIBLE! Stay away from Siddiqi if you are actually interested in learning A&P, if you want an easy A, take him, but you will learn nothing. I'm sorry, he is a sweet man but that sweet man should NOT be teaching.

    Registration is a huge headache, as I assume it is with all the city colleges. You have to be literally on them if you want something done. Be stern and persistent if you need help and want an answer.

    I got into their nursing program but decided to go elsewhere. Overall, not a great experience at Truman but you get what you pay for and it's okay for fulfilling pre-reqs and the like.

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    Welcome and congrats on getting in! And yes, any advice would be appreciated.

    I had a question for everyone who is going into the program this fall or who is already in it, do you plan on working? I know they don't recommend it and I'm sure working full-time is out of the question, but do you guys think part-time is possible?

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    Quote from gemini_girl
    Tuition (First Semester) - $1400
    Tuition (Second Semester)- 1200
    Books (Bundle) - 1200
    Uniforms/Shoes - 200 *
    Medical/Immunization - 300 *
    (without insurance)

    First Year: total $4300.00 (approx)
    Thank you! Are you currently in the program?

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    Very well put Rick!

    Does anyone know the total cost of the program by the way?

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    Hey, I deleted some messages so I have space now and I replied to you.