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  • Nov 15 '17

    I know how you're feeling! I do understand if a teacher is in the middle of class teaching it's hard for them to just stop everything to help that student with this issue but I so wish most teachers required their students (esp the younger ones) to keep a change of clothes in their backpack. The teachers and kids act like the nurse's office is Walmart sometimes and just constantly send kids down for even tiny things with a little mud or a little ketchup on them. Of course, it always happens when you're the most busy with really serious things going on!!

  • Aug 10 '17

    Days are much busier which is why nurses don't help each other out as much-they're too busy. You have many more meds to pass, baths, 3 meals, more blood sugar checks, PT, OT, RT, pts leaving the floor for tests and surgery, dr rounds, social services, consults with all their orders, etc so it's so much crazier and harder to just find a place to sit down and chart! Night shift can be busy but not nearly as busy as days. The bad thing abt night shift is if your patient is having a problem you have to call and wake a grumpy dr up. You also have to occasionally wake grumpy pts up for surgery preps and vitals at times. It's also hard on your body and you just don't sleep as well and I always felt like I was in a fog. I've done both and my choice is days so my body doesn't have to adjust and so I can be at home all night with my kids. Plus you're usually so busy the day flies by and you get more experience doing stuff that's usually done by night and you don't have to waste a day off sleeping.I used to HATE leaving work in the morning and hear someone say "I'll see you tonight!" That always felt way too soon to come back even though it was the same amt of hours.

  • Apr 17 '17

    Our hospital for med-surg units people are hired for straight nights or days and only weekends or only through the week. The weekend nurses get paid a lot more money (like $7 more/hr). Then if you need a day off you request ahead of time and they try to schedule it in. Holidays are rotated. The weekenders choose to work weekends to get paid well and the weekdayers are happy because they know they get every weekend off. Everyone is happy! Not all hospitals will approve of such a thing but it does work great if they do!

  • Feb 12 '17

    Congratulations on your new job! I think it's a great idea to stay per diem at the hospital. It gives you a back up if you decide school nursing isn't your thing and keeps your skills fresh. If you decide after a while you love school nursing and don't plan on ever returning to the hospital, it's fine to give that up if you don't need the money. Good luck!