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  • Aug 17 '16

    Nursing has its roots in human beings caring for one another all across the world, since time began. To say its roots are Judeo-Christian is inaccurate at best.

    The essence of nursing is providing effective, compassionate care. No culture, religion, or country has a monopoly on that and nobody invented it.

  • Aug 10 '16

    i hear what you're saying. maybe try a surgi-center PACU/recovery room? patients are gone within 30 minutes, family interaction is minimal. as long as your co-workers are good (and that's the tough part) you should be OK. it's high volume, high turnover, but not emotionally draining.

    my colleagues & management in my last job made me seriously reconsider nursing, but we've all worked too hard & too long to give up. find the best place you can & hold on for dear life!