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  • Oct 23 '12

    For folks who like to believe you've "never" deviated from policy and have "always" done the "right" thing in your 5,000 year career... well, I suppose there is a snowball's chance that you're making a "truthful" statement, so I won't call you a liar. I will say i highly doubt your "always's and nevers".

    I suppose ALL of the people in prison who say they're innocent are telling the truth also. And I'm sure whenever you speed on the highway (which, of course, is NEVER for some of you bwaaahahaha), you IMMEDIATELY drive straight to a police station and notify the authorities that you've broken the law and request that they write you an unlawful speeding citation as soon as they can. And you say please and thank you, too. The world wouldn't be the same without you, for sure.

    So, for all of those people who are out there maintaining the dignity and integrity of the nursing profession despite all of the "bad, evil" nurses you are forced to work amongst, (*standing ovation*) i have a scenario/question:

    Suppose tomorrow, your unit manager informs you:

    "Leadership has decided to make a couple of minor changes on our unit that you need to be aware of and that you will be expected to abide by.

    1. Due to budget shortfall, unfortunately we have been forced to let go of our unit secretary and all of our PCTs effective immediately.
    2. Your shift patient load will increase by 2 patients.
    3. You will now be required to have each patient fill out a "shift feedback survey". You will turn these in to the unit manager at the end of every shift. Both the diligent completion and content of these surveys will be considered when your performance reports are written.

    We regret having to make these changes, but I can assure you they are necessary. You, of course, will be expected to continue to perform at the highest level."

    My question is: You will be able to perform in an excellent manner without "falsifying" any documentation, right?

    (By the way, if your answer is yes, management will interpret this to mean the workload is reasonable since you are able to handle it. After 2 weeks, we will be adding +1 to the shift patient load. Ad infinitum.)

    Good luck!

  • Oct 23 '12

    I was a veteran for 9 years, teacher for 5 in my previous career. In my experience, a single individual who tries to change systemic problems (to me it sounds like the OP is in that situation) almost NEVER is able to do so through official channels. Official channels are usually a farce and only function practically as overwhelming, endless red tape and deterrents for actual change and/or make shining a light on problems = professional/career suicide. Official channels simply alert leadership to employees who are "dangerous" to the status quo... "thanks for letting us know to put a target on YOUR back, you idiot". I've been in meeting with Generals and Colonels before. You might be shocked at the real reasons they are making the decision they do.

    Real change for the better requires either 1) a large group of people willing to speak the truth and demand change or 2) an individual who has some kind of connection or special leverage.

    Every time i hear someone say "Have you used official channels of change?", all i can think is: Clueless/naive person.

    There are so many examples of this:
    1. Insurance companies of all stripes usually have a policy to deny 1st (and maybe more) claim attempts outright because it is mathematically-proven to be good for business. Bottom line: $.
    2. When you see suspensions/punishments handed out in various situations, often the appeal process goes to the exact same decision maker eventually (usually after several steps required to follow an algorithm of pseudo-justice... meaningless paperwork, hours of time, etc.) Bottom line: justice isn't really justice.
    3. GroupOne (Google it and read). Bottom line: yikes!
    4. I've known a teacher that won Teacher of the Year one year and was not asked to return the very next year. (Multiple reasons possibly exist). Bottom line: jealousy, liability
    4. Endless other examples (Racism, especially pre-1960s being only one. What do you think would happen to someone who vocally challenged Hitler??? Sometimes breaking rules means you are closer to the true spirit of the matter... think Germans who hid Jews and lied to the Nazis when asked. Watch Schindler's List.) Bottom line: read some history, please

    Corruption exists. Finding a fair work environment is RARE! Just talk with teachers, police officers, nurses, Dr.'s, lawyers, et. al. I have no problem with people LOVING it when they find it, but judging other people who have a corrupt work environment is just small-minded and cruel. Many times you don't know how messed up your company is until you are already heavily invested in it. At that point, jumping ship is a complex task. Besides, sometimes it is a more complex dx than "this place is evil." Could be one or 2 individuals within a decent org. Could be a multitude of things. (If you disagree, tell me why so many perfectly sane, decent women simply do not leave abusive relationships? That situation isn't "2+2" to the individual involved... it's "1. Explain the universe. 2. Define evil and explain why it exists."

    I had a Master Sergeant friend in the military who told me he achieved more change and did more good things in his career by knowing "dirt" on his bosses than he EVER did by using official channels. He TRIED to use official channels in the beginning of his career and was repeatedly told and SHOWN (read:abused by those with greater power) that, since he had no power as a lower ranking person in his org., being vocal would only make his situation worse. But seeing his boss, the Chief Master Sergeant, at the club with a female who was not his wife... well, let's just say a wise man once said, "Be as harmless as doves and as WISE as SERPENTS." Sometimes the "system" is nothing but a bully. And bullies usually respond to being punched in the face, not asked nicely.

    For those of you unwilling to admit/recognize that, for some people, consistently documenting the truth means GETTING fired, rather than AVOIDING getting fired. ... well... try, just try for a second and brainstorm if you can imagine how a person might find themselves in a situation where that is reality. Really think about it. If that doesn't work, keep on trying to Get. A. Clue. I have faith that sooner or later you will get it. Hopefully, i am not wrong.

    It is the hallmark of a tiny mind to not be able to understand that, sometimes, when the head is damaged (read:corrupt), the body is 100% paralyzed (read: screwed).

    Good day, folks.

  • Jun 3 '12

    I actually enjoy the show, but don't seek to find anything accurate related to the field of medicine. I also separate the 'nurse' from the 'drug addiction'. Just like we all know nurses don't have steamy quickies in supply closets, they don't all have addictions to opiates.

  • May 30 '12

    I know quite a few nurses who actually became RN's because of their faith. Of course I would only know this since I share the same faith with them, as they wouldnt go around announcing it to co-workers or patients. Nursing is a natural profession for christians to go into by helping and caring for others. My friend feels like she is doing the Lords work with her hospice care, even if she never professes her faith to her patients. I personally would never try to force my beliefs or prayers on a patient unless asked by them to do so. I do find comfort in knowing I am helping a patient when they ask me to pray for them or with them. Christian patients do sometimes find it comforting to know that their nurse shares their belief when they find out. As far as non-believing patients, it is not my job to tell them what to believe, I care for them regardless of what they believe, even if it is nothing! I would never put them down or try to "save" them, I would only love and care for them.

    People like to put all christians into the same catagory and generalize them. Every christian, every person, and every church has their own beliefs, and some of them are not at all the same. The term "Christian" and its beliefs are so broad and varied that one cannot put a single label on it. Granted, their are some christians who give us a bad name with their constant preaching about money and the "better than thou" attitudes, and more. Everyone is guilty of grouping all faiths together as one such as pagens, atheists, Jews, muslims or what ever the faith would be. We need to remember that even those groups have differing beliefs among them. Like politics, religion is something that should not be discussed in the work place. Every one will have a different opinion, and it would only cause conflict and ill feelings. Religion is a very personal thing so I think people of all faiths should respect their co-workers and patients and just keep it to themself if at all possible!

  • May 30 '12

    The current criticisms in this thread remind me a lot of certain festivals that included safe space for people to play in somewhat less socially acceptable ways without impinging on their more conventional neighbors. The spaces were identified and posted in a way that anyone who might be upset, disturbed or offended knew in plenty of time where they were headed ... allowing them to avoid to anything they didn't want to experience.

    Sure enough ... every year we had major drama when some people went out of their way to intrude into that space and commence to tell everyone else what they were required to think and feel.

    Nope ... not havin' it. Readers have to make a choice and take a definite action to even start reading a thread. When you, as a patient, choose to explore where it is clearly posted that there will be humorous reactions to our patients, you don't get to complain when your feelings get hurt.

    And stop with the phoney "reverse-sexism" whine ... I can't point to a thread mocking womens' genitals ... but there are plenty mocking our looks, weight, fashion sense and interpersonal style, among other things. No reports of ended careers that I know of.

    In short, when you come into a forum in which nurses are talking to nurses, you're going to read comments about what it's like to deal with our various patients. As a bedside nurse for 40 years, I've been forced to experience your attidudes and behaviors for most of my waking life. It's part of my job to take it, understand it and still do what's best for you in a way that makes you feel cared for. I'm good at it, too. The effect it has on me - my heart, mind and soul - has to be put on a shelf to be dealt with on my own time.

    Well, this website is my own time. You don't get to bully your way into the conversation and tell me I'm not allowed to take care of myself on my own time and in my own way. There is no 11th Commandment reading "Thou shalt be patient-centered 24/7 for the rest of thy life."

  • May 30 '12

    Quote from interceptinglight
    Dear Lady will you PUUH-LEEEASE just swallow that mouthful of food you've been chewing for the last 5 full minutes so when I assist you with another spoonful it won't just slip-slide out your mouth and onto your lap again.

    To the people I work with I'd LOOOOVE to say:

    NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!! No, fellow CNA co-worker, I don't want to give up my day off to take your stinkin' shift!!!

    NO!! Ms. New Administrator Lady -- I don't think you should get rid of the Special Care Unit for the dementia residents and turn it into a Medicare/Medicaid facility for the poorest residents because you're tired of the high cost of adequate staffing for an Alzheimer's Unit!!! That idea is just asinine!!!!!

    NO!! I DO NOT want to sign that report admitting what a totally incompetent useless piece-a-crap I am for calling out of a shift because I have bronchitis and I'm coughing all over the freakin' place. Just shove that report where the sun don't shine!!!!

    Oh, and one more thing: WILL YOU PLEASE JUST FIRE ME!!! PLEASE!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!! I WANT OUT OF HERE!!!!!!
    We must work in the same facility. lmao

  • May 30 '12

    To the fellow who shot off one testicle and then gave us an encore performance a few months later by shooting off the other one (plus part of his manhood), it was all I could do not to say, "Well, thank goodness you can't reproduce---the world doesn't need another generation of stupid!"

  • May 30 '12

    Always wanted to tell the immobile overweight or paraplegic pt that insists on being nasty --- if you can't do it for yourself, don't tell me to hurry up

  • May 30 '12

    You had heart surgery... Not arm/ hand surgery you can feed yourself. Did you think it wasn't going to be painful? Of course it a mini invasive valve job and the incision is the size of a key hole... But did you think about them splitting your ribs and muscle to get a view of your heart? Ha ha if only I could say these...

  • May 30 '12

    This is by far the best board i've read in a while... why, just last night i thought "you have knee pain because you're 350 lbs."

  • May 30 '12

    Quote from babyit
    thank you for this beautifully written piece. as an ob nurse, having helped grieving parents struggle through the heartbreaking passage of delivering and saying goodbye to their stillborns, many of the things you write about could apply to that situation as well. i gained strength to help them through their experiences by understanding that i was a guide leading them through that darkness as they face their own private hell. i couldn’t fix or heal anything, but i could gently support them through that journey. god bless you.
    unquestionably, to those parents you were a hero for being there when they needed a hand or a shoulder to cry on, therefore, from one nurse to another i salute you .....aloha~

  • May 30 '12

    Quote from Esme12
    I was thinking more along the lines of an airway obstruction.......from shoving it down his throat.
    or a low bowel obstruction from shoving it up his Azz

  • May 30 '12

    Here is one to share with your spouse or partner

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  • May 30 '12

    Quote from imenid37
    Customer service and common sense have become mutually exclusive terms in the hospital. It isn't the Ritz Carlton or Burger King. Sometimes, you even have to wait in those places too! My daughter had some old *** complain that he didn't get his ginger ale for over an hour. She told him her one of her other eight pts. had coded and she was sorry it was late. He said "I don't care, you *****. I wanted a drink and I am puting your name on my survey because I am dissatisfied!" Okay for pt. to call her a profane name. Her NM didn't care about that. She was talked to because the NM needed to know why this loser didn't get his drinky-winky when he asked for it. At the same hospital, patient get a gift card if they are unhappy re. waiting in the ED too long. Boo Hoo! This is craziness.
    I might have charted something like "Summoned to room, requests ginger ale. States he has been waiting for "over an hour". This nurse explained inability to immediately fulfill request due to emergent situation, but offered to do so now. States "I don't care, you *****. I wanted a drink and I am putting your name on my survey because I am dissatisfied!" Ginger ale provided, no further requests at this time. Will continue to monitor."

  • May 30 '12

    I hear you, and all the posters who said you have to set limits and demand the respect you deserve are exactly right.
    We had a lady on the vent for 60+ days with pulmonary fibrosis, and every day you could tell what her family had looked up on WebMD the night before. Asking detailed, questions about vent setting trivia, acting angry the split second it seemed like she wasn't the center of attention at all times. Her husband yelled at one of my co-workers one afternoon about how "no one has been taking care of her". I went in the room and told him to google pressure ulcer when he got home and then ask himself how she had been laid up here for 2 months without having one....then see if he still thinks no one's been taking care of her.
    He must have done it because the next day he apologized and that was the end of them acting like that. Miraculously, without us ever taking care of her, she managed to survive her admission and went back home.