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Quality Improvement Specialist

Majority of quality improvement jobs in health care can have many responsibilities that fall into specific categories, including but not limited to evaluation, analysis, training and education, regulatory and compliance responsibilities, and risk management. A quality improvement health care specialist would ideally be responsible for gathering and evaluating clinical data from the organization; analyzing data for patterns and trends in the delivery of healthcare; researching root causes for... Read More →

Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. 9) Freedom of Speech in Health care We are brought up to believe that we are entitled to speak our mind and express our concerns, and that by doing this we are protected by law. In school we are actively encouraged to participate in debates, which will help prepare us for critical thinking, effective communication, and... Read More →

Top 10 reasons we get fired!

Unless you are wrapped in cotton wool and live in a fantasy world, we have all experienced or know somebody who has experienced problems at work. Sometimes the situation is self-made and sometimes the situation is pure and simple harassment or bullying. No matter what part of the country you work, if they want to get rid of you they will. You cannot imagine how easy it is to find mistakes and reasons to fire somebody, or to place people in situations where they shoot themselves in the foot or... Read More →

Cardiac Care Nursing

According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death in US, with 715,00 heart attacks occurring each year, nearly 80 million Americans suffer from heart conditions, and the number of cardiac patients continues to rise. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that '600,000 deaths occur in the US each year' this means '1 in 4' deaths can be contributed to heart disease. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in all ethnicities with both men... Read More →

I am passionate about nursing, are you?

I love my job! I guess I am one of the lucky ones in nursing these days but I actually feel I make a difference. Since February I am no longer clinically based but I am an Educator for a big company who treats me well. I travel a lot and that could be a problem for some people, It is never predictable and you change your path hourly, daily, weekly as situations arise. I make my own schedule, being flexible is a key word in my life and I have to be prepared to drop everything and... Read More →

Nurses talk to Nurses, Doctors talk to Doctors

Nurses talk to Nurses and Doctors talk to Doctors, is this a general understanding of the circle of life within your health care facility? Or is it true to think that Doctors can express their discontent of a nurse but it is not considered acceptable for this to be reciprocated. Unbelievable within the 21st century America that nurses are unable to talk to doctors about the way they behave or their attitude. Is this because we are a female dominated profession or because we are considered... Read More →

Not another silly article on Hand Hygiene!

I know we have numerous articles and threads on Infection Control and hand washing but it appears to me that the minority of healthcare workers actually are not washing their hands as often as they should. A sad fact is although we maybe washing our hands, there are other people out there who do not wash their hands. Now in my mind's eye, I can see you all gasp and feel indignant at my written words but stop for a minute and consider this statement; Do you always and I mean always... Read More →

How to work your notice, gracefully

So you have decided to leave your current job, you've had enough of working hard, no teamwork, you don't like your boss, co-worker, management, the drive is too long, the acuity is too high, you never get a break and you hate bedside nursing. Yes there are numerous reasons why you want to leave and get a new job, I could go on for pages for the reasons nurses are leaving their job but this article is about how to manage yourself while you are working out your notice. Whatever the reason I... Read More →

The faces behind the scene at!

The faces behind the scene - do you ever wonder what the staff are like who moderate allnurses? Did you know we have at least a 100 plus years of nursing experience to bring to the table and that we all work full time in our nursing jobs! All of us are extremely proud to work for, and often spend hours of our spare time moderating to keep this site up and running. There is a whole other world behind the scenes where we can discuss and make decisions on who, what, where and how.... Read More →

Is your colleague a mind reader? Or just plain lazy

Everybody around me at work reacts to situations by becoming angry, retaliatory, vindictive and mean. Nobody I work with and I mean nobody I work with looks at the whole picture with their work colleague they automatically presume that their co-worker is out to get them! I cannot count how many times over the past three years that one of my employees has accused their colleague of being lazy, not helping them and has watched them struggle with a heavy work load. Now while there are... Read More →

Are we forcing team work but shying away from relationships

How to balance work and home life has been a challenge. As a nurse, I do not know how I have done it through the past 24 years. I have encountered many obstacles and challenges along the way and it doesn't get any easier even with all the practice I have had. The hours as a nurse are often long and not conducive with the 'normal' person who often works 9-5 with clear defined breaks and every weekend off. When I was younger I only hung out with other health care professionals or other... Read More →

Let's talk about Depression

Depression touches most people's lives at some point; like all illnesses it has no consideration for age, race, gender or status in life. Depression can creep up slowly or hit you straight in the face when you least expect it. For many people, especially those who have always considered themselves strong and able to manage without support or help, it is a shock often taking a long time before they identify themselves as being depressed. It is comparable to the grieving process and there... Read More →

Do you cut corners in your daily nursing practice?

Do you cut corners in your daily nursing practice? Or do you do everything according to the 'book'. Do you police yourself in your everyday care of a patient, what do I mean by police yourself? I mean always follow the correct procedures no matter how busy you are, and when tempted to deviate never vary because you know it is wrong and that errors do often occur. When you are in a patient room alone, by this I mean no other staff member watching you or a patient who is oblivious. Do you... Read More →

Stamp out Gossip today

Discrimination, sexism and bullying in the work place appear to be on the increase which concerns me a great deal. It comes under many guises and is not always easy to see. It is like a virus and it multiplies and gets out of control before you notice what it is. I feel very passionate about a person being discriminated against for one reason or another. Some discrimination is subtle and some is in your face. It all starts off with Gossip! What starts off with one person complaining... Read More →

What kind of animal are you?

In an Interview recently, I was asked a strange question, "If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be?" Initially I laughed out loud as I thought it was a trick question or a joke but it was a serious question. My answer surprised them; they said they had never heard that answer before. My answer was 'I would be a chicken' and my rationale was that there is a pecking order, but they look after each other and work together as a team, they fight over the scraps but protect... Read More →