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  • Feb 12 '12

    Nurses, how far off is this from reality?

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  • Feb 12 '12

    Bahaha, I absolutely got a call from my DON while I was at the beach last year... I just snapped a pic of the lovely waves and sent it to her, and turned the phone off.

  • Dec 14 '11

    You all have no idea how much help you all have been to me today. Ever heard the saying "If you smile at a person, you may just have brighten their day?" I am 20 y/o and i have finished my prereqs for Pre-Nursing but with the circumstances of my life Im constantly being discouraged. Ive always been the person to do whatever I feel is best for me, but for some odd reason I cant seem to make the decision of my educational plans. It will take me longer to achieve my goal of becoming a BSN RN, but LPN is the ideal route for me. I know the type of learner that I am and it is only best that I take everything a step at a time.

  • Dec 4 '11

    My hats off to all of the LVN's out there!

    Be proud, be confident and provide the best patient care possible. If you choose to go the RN route, great, but you should not feel pressured to do so.

    My story in a nutshell: I chose the LVN route as my school offered an evening/weekend course. I was a caregiver for my father, had a husband that was deployed for 2 years and a teenage son at home. For my situation, evenings and weekends worked out so that I could continue to be a mom and caregiver during the day and my son was able to help with my father in the evening and weekends. As a military family, we have always had to pull together.

    As our circumstances have changed, I will be entering the LVN-RN step up program in May.

    My points here is that you never know a persons circumstances and we should hold all medical staff in high regard! After all, we all need to work together as a team for the better of our patients as well as our own sanity :-)