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    Hi I am a california resident and I am thinking of applying to out of state colleges for my RN/ BSN. Can anyone tell me which accreditations I should look out for if I plan on moving back to California after finishing the program? Thank you.

    Here are some of the school's I am considering:
    Nightingale College
    Ursuline College
    South College

    Thank you!!!

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    A question popped into my head: Is a LVN certificate really necessary in order for me to get my RN/ BSN?

    Here is what I was thinking: if I get my LVN for 28k, and I decide to pursue an RN, i would still be in the same pool of peole who do not have their LVN but yet, are applying to the RN program. And at community colleges, it might be a lottery system. Also, in order to qualify to apply to the RN program, I would still have to take the same amount of prereq's and GE classes.

    Since my grades are horrible now, shouldn't I just go to a new community college and start a new transcript there and strive for better grades and apply to a CSU directly?

    Let's see about the amount of time it would take to complete each:
    a1) LVN program - 13 months
    a2) prereq's - 1 to 1.5 years
    a3) RN program - 1 year?
    total: 4 years

    b1) retake all prereq's and SOME GE- 2 years
    b2) let's say I get accepted into a CSU, it will take at least 3 years to complete the program for a BSN
    total: 5 years

    so even though the second way takes longer, but the degree i will come out with is much better.

    can someone let me know if this is correct? and also give me their insight on pursing a LVN? and just some idea's. thank you!!!!

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    Hi all,

    HNU offers a LVN-BSN program? Can someone give me more information on it? Such as, do I need to get my RN first? What kind of prereqs do they look at? Also, can you share what GPA you got to apply for this program and their acceptance rate? Do I need to get my LVN at HNU (if they offer it, in order to be able to apply for the program) Thank you.

    I currently have a high 2. GPA and I know it is not competitive enough for any CSU's. I am thinking of going to Bay Area College of Nursing to get my LVN first. Afterwards, I would get my RN. but i recently found out that LVN-RN programs are mostly offered in community colleges and I would have to take the prerequisites such as Anat, bio, chem, and all the GE's in order to apply. Also, it is a lottery system and I would be competing with people who have done their prereq's for nursing, who does not have their LVN.

    My question is how the school (and HNU) feels about repeat classes. I've already have all the prereq's completed.
    After I get my LVN, should I just start fresh with my prereq's and retake all of them and strive for better grades?

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    I'm also in the same position as Kim05 and would like to know the same information. I'm applying to SFSU as a nursing major and a psychology major as a backup. I highly doubt I will get accepted as the nursing major but if I get accepted as psychology major I would like to do that and go to an accelerated nursing program. I'm having a hard time finding information as to where there are these programs in CA. I would also like to know how impacted these programs are, since I read online somewhere that a certain school was only accepting 44 students into their program so that worries me a little.

    also, if I stay on my path now instead of getting a BA in psychology and then going to the accelerated program, if I have repeats for my core classes because I've received a C grade the first time. Any suggestion on what I could do to be able to apply to schools such as San Francisco State University and San Jose State University and still have a good chance against other students?